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5 Reasons Every Physician Needs Medical Answering Services

5 Reasons Every Physician Needs Medical Answering Services Medical professionals give countless hours of care to their patients every month. However, their work doesn’t stop when office closes. Especially during after-hours, patients need to contact their medical service provider to either get help, ask questions or schedule appointments. However, not every medical professional is able…
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Physician Answering Services

“Your service is great! We’ve been with Direct Line for years.  No complaints. I can get free service but I like knowing who my callers are talking to and appreciate a real person answering.” Dr. Ariane T. Medical Professional December 8, 2017  

Joint Commission Says NO to Traditional SMS Texting for Medical Providers

Joint Commission Says Traditional SMS Texting is Non HIPAA Compliant for Medical Providers This is important information for our Medical clients. We wanted to provide you with more detail regarding messaging and HIPAA compliance. Special thanks goes out to our fellow Association of Tele Services International (ATSI) colleague, Joann Fussell for once again bringing light to this issue.

HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service

Every medical professional needs to have the right solution for HIPAA compliant medical answering services and secure messaging. Make sure whatever service provider you choose, that they offer professionally certified Call Agents that gather incoming information accurately, quickly and confidentially and especially in accordance with Government regulations. You’ll want to make sure that they have secure…
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Ensure HIPAA Compliance! Get SIM – Secure Interactive Messaging

HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service and SIM Did you know that Direct Line offers a powerful enterprise paging and messaging application for BlackBerry, iOS, Android smart phones and tablets? Direct Line’s Secure Interactive Messaging (SIM) program is ideal for organizations where HIPAA compliance is a necessity or where sensitive data must be delivered in a…
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"Virtual Receptionists" – Why A Live Answering Service?

In today’s economy, many companies are making hard choices to reduce costs, and often times this involves outsourcing. Companies are discovering quickly the benefits of hiring an answering service as a “virtual receptionist” as opposed to having a traditional “onsite” receptionist because of  the ability to reduce cost while increasing the potential of support to…
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