5 Reasons Every Physician Needs Medical Answering Services

5 Reasons Every Physician Needs Medical Answering Services

Medical professionals give countless hours of care to their patients every month. However, their work doesn’t stop when office closes.

Especially during after-hours, patients need to contact their medical service provider to either get help, ask questions or schedule appointments. However, not every medical professional is able to take all calls during the weekend or after business hours — which is how some calls end up in voicemail.

Obviously, every person needs time for themselves. However, the importance of efficient organization and communication goes a long way, especially when it comes to medical professionals and physicians.

Making Sure That Every Patient Gets the Right Care Over the Phone

This is where a top-tier medical answering service comes into play. Thankfully, you no longer have to choose between the number of patients you can help as well as the level of quality that you can offer. Below, we are listing the most important reasons you need for choosing physician answering services.

1. Save Money

Every medical professional knows that time is money. Every minute your staff spends on the phone is a minute that could have been spent on more important tasks — patient care.

  • After-hours calls: 24/7 care and service
  • Single point of contact: Your answering service can serve as one point of contact for your practice
  • Lower employee costs: Fewer employees means reduces labor costs
  • Decreased liability: The 100% irrefutable records and HIPAA compliance can help you reduce the potential liability and save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

2. Protect Your Privacy and Personal Time

Everyone deserves time to rest and relax — even physicians. For them, time is precious. However, no one can control the timing of a medical emergency or issue.

With a medical answering service, patients can be connected to trained health professionals after-hours and at any time of day or night. Live operators will evaluate each call and transfer urgent calls to physicians, offering 24/7 support for the issues they can address.

3. Decrease Your Hold Times

As much as you want to answer each call, the reality is that your patients are often placed on hold. A medical answering service can help you filter calls and direct them as appropriate without having to be placed on hold.

4. Meet HIPAA Requirements

In 2020, patient privacy is more than just an issue — compliance is essential that is closely regulated. In other words, this means that you should always choose a medical answering service which is HIPAA compliant.

According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), all patient and health-related information should be monitored and guarded. If your answering service violates any HIPAA requirements, you will be responsible for breach of privacy. Again, this is why medical professionals need HIPAA compliant answering services.

5. Be Prepared for Emergencies

Last but not the least, there are always going to be emergencies. When a disaster strikes, like COVID-19, every physician and hospital should be prepared for the influx of calls. It’s important to realize how important an integrated communication system like a telephone answering service really is.

Increase Profitability with Our Medical Answering & Call Center Services

With a team of medical telephone answering professionals by your side, your staff has more time to do the tasks that are necessary for smooth operations. Every minute that you save with a call center by your side can increase your profitability, help you serve more patients and increase your patient satisfaction.

Now is the right time to consider our medical answering services. For more information on how they can benefit your practice, contact us today! 888-365-2424.



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