Alert and Email Monitoring

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Email and Alert Monitoring

Our in-house IT department can configure integrative monitoring and email alerts to identify conditions such as errors or potential emergencies.

We’ll alert you when specific conditions arise. We record data based on predetermined instructions and automatically notify the appropriate individuals with an alert. These alerts can be communicated to a specific person or group based on triggering data.

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Why it works.

Predetermined triggers can be set to ensure no alert is ever missed. If you have a service request form emailed from your website, we can monitor those as well and filter out routine requests to streamline your email flow.

24-Hour Live Monitoring

Alerts require rapid response. Our live monitoring service is an effective support solution for your team.

Intelligent Filtering

We can filter out routine messages to ensure only emergency alerts are sent to your on-call technician.

Business Continuity Support

Strengthen your own business continuity or disaster preparedness plan with our monitoring solutions.

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How it works.

Alert Is Triggered

Call Agent Receives The Alert

Alert Is Dispatched To On-Call Tech

On-Call Tech Responds To Alert

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Only Receive Alerts That Are Important

One notification method usually isn’t enough for emergency alerts. We can provide multi-tiered protocols. Only receive alerts that are important to you by using the custom solutions we create together. 

Alert Redundancy and Filtering

As an alert redundancy, we can program our software to auto-escalate issues to other employees, so alerts don’t get missed, which means no more extended outages and costly downtime.

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