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Small Business Phone Answering

Regardless of your industry, the bottom line is you have to have the tools to be successful to grow a profitable business. Without a doubt, the most important tool in your toolbox is your phone.  But it’s only as good as when you can answer it. 

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Why it works.

Nowadays, consumers expect responsive service from most businesses any time of day or night. If you’re not available in a 24/7 world, this will have a negative impact on your business. Direct Line exists to solve this problem by offering professional 24-hour live answering services that ensure you never miss a call whether you’re available or not.

24/7/365 Availability

Whether you’re available or not, never miss another call, no matter what time of day or night.

Reduce Labor Costs

Get professional live telephone answering support without increasing labor costs.

Grow Your Business

Increase your competitive edge by having your business virtually available around the clock.

Your Voice of Excellence.

California’s Most Awarded Answering Service and Call Center.

How it works.

Create Custom Script

Custom scripts are created for your unique telephone answering needs and can be updated at anytime.

Forward Your Calls

Our professionally certified call agents a ready to take your calls 24/7.

Instant Message Delivery

Instantly receive messages via text, email or phone.

Top 24-Hour Live Answering Service In California

How much are missing calls costing you?  No business can afford to miss a call because 82% of people hang up on voicemail and 90% of new business inquiries hang up if you don’t answer the first time. Those potential clients will just keep going down the Google list until they get a live person to talk to about their needs.  Simply said, miss a call, miss a sale.

Our live answering services are 24/7/365, which allows your business to virtually be open around the clock. Your calls are being answered by our live virtual receptionists when you aren’t available.  You’re always open for business especially when your competition is closed.

Business Answering Service — Direct Line Has You Covered

Here’s how it works. . . Our staff of professionally certified call agents will gather incoming caller information professionally, accurately, and quickly, and in accordance with your specific call instructions. Our advanced telephony platform automatically identifies which call instructions to follow.

During your account set-up, your designated account manager will partner with you to create protocols for your custom scripts and define specifically how your calls are to be answered. You decide how we manage each type of call, who is notified and how messages are to be delivered. These protocols can be changed as often as you’d like.

Your Voice of Excellence.

California’s Most Awarded Answering Service and Call Center.

Key Benefits of a Phone Answering Service for Small Businesses

  • Affordable quality service
  • Reduce you labor costs
  • 24-hour availability for your business
  • Uninterrupted service
  • Receive messages instantly
  • Increase your staffing efficiency
  • Enhance your professional image
  • Call screening
  • After hours or weekend call answering
  • Handling high volume calls during holidays
  • Make sure all calls are answered, and customers get help
  • Instant message delivery
  • Set basic appointments
  • Text and email communication
  • Customer service and technical support

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We have utilized Direct Line for, I believe, 3-5 years now. I have NEVER had a client complain, stating “the hold time was too long” or “they weren’t nice to me.” Thank you for being there to help us. Our agency loves Direct Line and will continue to be your client until we retire.”

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