After Hours Live Answering Service


business man using a phone answering service

Are your after-hours calls answered by a computer-generated voicemail? If yes, then you could be missing business and probably are.

The reason for that is simple — most after-hours calls are urgent and not answering or addressing them properly means losing out on business and potentially customer retention.

Callers expect rapid response and the support that you are providing to your existing and potential customers is critical.


Manage Client Emergencies with The Bay Area’s Best After Hour Answering Service

At Direct Line, we provide after hour answering which can help you manage client emergencies and boost your reputation as a service that offers support round the clock.

From help desk support, customer service, alert monitoring services, and more, there are many things that an after-hours answering service can do for you, especially with improving your response rate to urgent situations.

Our after-hour answering services provide a full spectrum of services for all business types. With a team of trained and professionally certified call agents who are available overnight and over the weekend, we can interact with your customers and deliver prompt and accurate assistance in multiple areas.

Maintain Constant Availability on The Phone

The “after-hours” advantage is something that is known in many industries as a leading example that companies set when answering the phone round the clock. The truth is, over 60% of the after working hour calls generate significant revenue for many businesses and often require immediate attention. If you’re not available, we are and can capture all of your inbound calls.

If your customers cannot reach your company live, they will call your competition. With our after-hours support, you can prevent this from happening and say no to losing more revenue and opportunities coming from the phone.

24 Hour Call Center Services – Support Your Customers Around the Clock

call center agent answering phone after business hours

It doesn’t matter what type of industry you are in — it’s ten times easier to keep a current customer than to acquire a new one.

That being said, an after hour call center is the best plan that is customized to meet your business needs. With our advanced answering service technology, we can customize your scripts to meet your messaging requirements.

The calls that you receive can also be integrated within your CRM, documented, and routed to the appropriate individuals or management group. If for some reason you are unavailable after business hours, we can filter out all the non-pertinent calls.

Scalable and efficient, our services in the Bay Area will ensure that you are always available for your customers. 

We are the perfect extension of your business. Contact us today to learn more about our services! 888-365-2424.