About Us

Our Answering and Call Center Services

Headquartered in Berkeley, CA, Direct Line Tele Response is nationally recognized as one of the premier service providers in the Answering Service and Call Center industry.  We provide solutions for inbound call taking, messaging, urgent dispatch and other answering services that are available 24/7/365.

Founded in 1979 by Ruth & Larry Goldenberg, Direct Line was focused on providing quality messaging services exclusively for medical professionals/facilities which quickly evolved into supporting a wide variety of industries nationwide.

Direct Line provides award-winning answering services to hundreds of clients in almost every industry, business and profession. Our call processing systems, state-of-the-art technology platforms and rigorous training methods maximize our ability to manage all of our clients’ answering and messaging needs.

Mission Statement

To provide quality answering and call center services as required by our clients, while providing a cooperative and collaborative work environment that encourages and rewards efficiency and excellent performance.  To respond successfully to opportunities for change in business and technology and opportunities for growth for the company and our employees.

Company Focus

Direct Line has always focused on delivering excellent answering and messaging services to our clients. We will continue to build upon our infrastructure to ensure:

  • Exceptional client/caller experience
  • Professional and well trained staffing
  • Process driven call center operations and quality control
  • State of the Art telecommunication technology


In any industry, it is essential to have an outstanding team of leaders on hand who are accountable to each other and take responsibility for day to day activities. Direct Line’s leadership team has over 100 years of combined Answering Service and Call Center experience.

Ken Goldenberg – President/Owner

Direct Line Tele Response PresidentAs a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration graduate from San Diego State, Ken Goldenberg is the second generation owner of Direct Line Tele Response. After his parents and Direct Line founders, Ruth and Larry Goldenberg, retired in 2012, Ken assumed the role as President. His responsibilities continue to build upon the quality of service and excellence that Direct Line was created from.  Ken is committed to coupling a human touch with state of the art technological elements so as to ensure all areas of service are functioning at peak efficiency and quality at all times.

After 20 years of Answering Service and Call Center experience, Ken has had the distinct honor of serving as a member of the ATSI Board of Directors as well as serving as the President of the PINetwork Board of Directors during 2007-08. In addition, Ken was awarded the prestigious Allen Kalik Award in 2012. This award recognizes PINetwork members whose unselfish dedication and leadership have led to the advancement of the PINetwork Group.

John Freire – IT Director IT Head for Telephone Answering ServiceJohn Freire is our in-house IT Director who is responsible for all aspects of our technology infrastructure.  With over 30 years of experience within the Telephony Industry, John began his career with GTE Sprint where he provided IT Support. Prior to GTE, John was with Proxy Communications as their IT Director.  Since 2008 John has been the IT Director here at Direct Line.

It is important to note that John has been instrumental in performing multiple upgrades and migrations of various Call and Data Center systems to current standards. He has tremendous experience in programming many complicated accounts and has created various interfaces and programs to help differing systems communicate with each other.

John’s responsibilities include:

  • Call Center hardware and software management
  • Data Center hardware and software management
  • Infrastructure and disaster recovery systems
  • Database management and script programming

Alex Molochko – Application Specialist & Systems Coordinator

Alex at Direct Line Answering ServiceAlex Molochko is our Application Specialist & Systems Coordinator. His role at Direct Line includes primary responsibility for programming scripts and dispatch functions plus other duties ranging from IT and application support to furniture assembly.

Following an extended hiatus that included stints in the worlds of higher education, online lead generation and senior living, Alex returned to Direct Line in early 2015, where he previously worked from 2005 to 2008. His past experience as a Call Agent, Shift Leader and Account Manager serves him well in a role that supports both Operations and the Account Management team. His versatility, knowledge, technical ability, and creativity helps to ensure excellence in customer service as well smooth, continuous growth for Direct Line.

Alex’s responsibilities include:

  • Account programming
  • Operations support
  • Customized data management solutions
  • Application integration and systems coordination

Beth Devine – Director of Marketing

Director of Marketing at Telephone Answering CompanyBeth Devine has enjoyed a substantial career within Sales and Marketing where for over 25 years, she has leveraged her knowledge, experience and talent to develop multi-million dollar businesses for many high profile companies such as Greenwood & Moore, Inc., Gymboree Corporation, Cato Corporation and New York & Company just to name a few.  Beth’s bottom-line thinking and philosophy of “never confusing effort with results” has helped her achieve many goals and objectives throughout her career making her one of the most sought after Sales, Marketing and Business Development professionals in the nation.

Beth’s responsibilities include:

  • Top line growth through lead generation/conversion
  • Internet/website/social media positioning
  • Content development/management
  • Overall business development
  • Process improvement

Jarunee Lepnark – Director of Sales

Communications Consultant with Telephone Answering ServiceJarunee Lepnark, our Director of Sales, will be your first point of contact.  She provides potential new clients with a free initial consultation and customized solutions.  Jarunee started with Direct Line in 2008 as one of our Call Agents and was quickly promoted to Call Center “Lead” position where she provided Call Agent training and call quality control/quality assurance. Due to her outstanding performance, Jarunee was promoted to Account Manager providing responsive and dedicated attention to our client’s needs.  Jarunee assumed the role of Communications Consultant in 2013.

“Jarunee was truly a pleasure to work with.  She was my account manager at Direct Line for the Cisco Cloud Web Security group and I found her to be very attentive, thorough, compassionate and an overall top-notch client engagement professional.  When I was new to the team, Jarunee took her time to make sure I understood about the services being performed for our account.  Throughout our business relationship, she was very good about communicating updates to me as well as executing any business critical changes that I needed to make for our organization.  I highly recommend Jarunee.”- Adam Evaristo-Senior Client Engagement Program Manager, Cloud Operations at Adobe.

Jarunee’s responsibilities include:

  • Client education/satisfaction
  • Needs assessment
  • Account set-up
  • Customized Call Solutions

Gretchen Lodderhose – Call Center Manager

Call Center ManagerGretchen began her career as a call center representative in 1985 in Queens, NYC. Within four (4) years she was managing the Technical Support Department for this communication software company. After spending 25 years in NYC working in call centers for various companies, including Time Warner Cable, Waste Management, and the NYC Department of Education, she returned home to San Francisco Bay Area and joined Direct Line in 2012.





Gretchen’s responsibilities include:

  • Operational compliance
  • Statistic management
  • Staffing, training and leadership development
  • Call Agent scheduling
  • Call Agent performance management

Constance Masinga-Loville – Skills Development Coordinator

Development Coordinator at Answering ServiceConstance Masinga-Loville is our in-house Call Agent Skills Development Coordinator and is responsible for all aspects of Call Agent training. With over 30 years of experience within the Answering Service Industry, Constance began her career using cord plug boards known as PBX. Since 1993, Constance has been an integral part of the Direct Line team. She started as a Tele Receptionist and quickly moved into a “Lead” position. After mastering the “Lead” position, she was then promoted to “Person in Charge or (PIC), from PIC, Constance assumed the role of Swing Supervisor and now she is our company Skills Development Coordinator.

It is important to note that Constance has been instrumental in multiple training process improvement initiatives here at Direct Line. She is responsible for creating our training infrastructure and ensures that all ATSI Standards of Excellence are trained and performed consistently to all Call Agents.

Constance’s responsibilities include:

  • Development and training of all new hires
  • Managing ongoing training and development for existing Call Agents
  • Training process improvement
  • Call Agent performance management

Lindsay Lutomski – Account Manager

Account Manager Direct Line Telephone Answering ServiceLindsay Lutomski is one of our in-house Account Managers providing customer care to over 350 Direct Line clients. Since 2009, Lindsay has been working within the Answering Service Industry and has been an integral part of the Direct Line team. After only three (3) months as a Call Agent, Lindsay was promoted to Call Center “Lead” where she provided agent training and call quality control/quality assurance. Due to her outstanding performance, Lindsay has since be promoted to Account Manager providing responsive and dedicated attention to our client’s needs.

“Lindsay is one of the sharpest Account Managers I’ve ever interfaced with. I would like you to know how much we appreciate her.  I feel now is the time I acclaim her, to you, in recognition of the valuable role she plays at Direct Line.   I appreciate her immediate response to every inquiry, call or email I’ve sent her.  She goes that extra step to be sure we are satisfied.  It must be nice to know you have such a wonderful worker, who is so much more than an employee, one who adds that little ‘extra touch’ to keep us smiling.” -Teri Balestrero-Tri County Alarm Systems, Inc.

Lindsay’s responsibilities include:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Account set-up and management
  • Customizing Call Solutions
  • Script programming

Marie Rivas – Account Manager

Account Manager for Call Center ServicesMarie Rivas is one of our in-house Account Managers providing customer care to over 350 Direct Line clients.  Marie started with Direct Line as a Call Agent in December 2013.   She was quickly promoted  and has now taken on the full responsibilities of Account Manager.  Prior to joining our team, Marie had worked in the legal and medical industries where she was responsible for all administrative duties.

“Our company, Car Donation Services,  has been very happy working with Direct Line for many years.  Our Account Manager, Marie Rivas is the best!  She is very knowledgeable, responsive to our needs and always willing to help.  Marie takes an active interest in understanding our business, which results in well trained call agents and excellent service to our customers.    We truly appreciate our trusted partnership with Marie and Direct Line!  I highly recommend them!”-Kathy Elder, Director.


  • Client satisfaction
  • Account set-up and management
  • Customizing Call Solutions
  • Script programming

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