Answering Services for Electricians

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Answering Services for Electricians

Shocked you’re losing business? Great Customer Service keeps your clients plugged in!  Take care of business, while our professionally certified Call Agents take your calls. We understand that at times you may be working from a mobile office and putting in long hours.

The fact is that most days you are visiting multiple job sites, and are simply not available to answer your phones. In reality, you may have a receptionist that answers incoming calls, but more than likely, your customers’ and suppliers’ calls are going straight to voicemail.

Eighty-two percent (82%) of callers hang up when they get voicemail and 90% of potential new clients do the same, except they call your competitors if you don’t answer the first time.

Since 1979, Direct Line has been the answering service of choice for Electrical Contractors.  You can’t afford to miss a call since the average price to replace a circuit panel is close to $2,000.

Let our Call Agents be an extension of your office 24/7/365.  By partnering with Direct Line you can grow your business, increase your profits and NEVER miss a call. We have the best virtual receptionists in the business.

Here’s what’s in it for you when you use our Award Winning Answering Service.

Your business hours have been extended 24/7/365, even on holidays. Someone is always available to answer your calls so your caller doesn’t have the chance to contact your competitors.

All Call Agents are 100% U.S. based and speak English as a first language, however, Bilingual support is also available.
Custom Scripts:  Many times Electrical Contractors need to respond to emergencies. Following your customized scripted protocols our Call Agents will sound as though we are sitting in your front office.

Custom message delivery options so that your messages are delivered precisely as you expect them.
Where many Answering Services fail is in the lack of immediate and efficient delivery of urgent messages to an on-call Technician. Not only do we expedite calls quickly and accurately, but we are also highly experienced in differentiating emergencies from non-emergencies. This is of critical benefit to you since it spares your on-call staff from issues that can be handled by your office during regular business hours.

Direct Line has the Answers! During your account set-up process, your designated Account Manager will partner with you to create protocols for your custom scripts that will define how your calls are to be answered and messages delivered. You decide how we answer each type of call, who is notified and how notifications are received. These protocols can be changed as often as you’d like.

Your customers will be impressed with the level of service they receive at all hours of the day or night, 24/7/365. By using our Award Winning Answering Services, your company will run more efficiently with lower operating costs while providing superior customer service to your clients. In addition, you will be able to log into your “Virtual Back Office” anytime by using our Customer Care Web Portal.

You will have real-time visibility to all activity, view messages, update on-call schedules and contact lists. The Electrical Contracting industry is such a competitive field and you need to be available for your customers at all hours of the day and night. Partnering with Direct Line is the perfect way to keep your customers plugged in and allows you to address their needs 24/7/365.

Here are a few of the services that we provide to Electrical Contractors:

  • Urgent Message Dispatching
  • After-hours and Holidays answering services
  • Call Overflow
  • Live Call Patching
  • Custom Message Delivery Options
  • On-Call Schedule Management
  • Interactive Client Web Portal
  • Paging services for on-call techs after hours
  • And much more…

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We are the perfect extension of your business.

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