Employee Attendance Line Answering Service

Employee Call Off Answering Service

Attendance lines for employees are an easy solution to organize record keeping when employees call off from work or will be late to their shift.

Here’s an Example of How It Works

An employee needs to call off sick for the day.  All they’ll need to do is call a designated telephone number and report their absence/tardiness. There’s no need from them to track down their manager any more.  One of our professionally certified Live Virtual Receptionists will answer the call and begin gathering specific information in accordance with your custom script such as employee name, department, reason for absence, date, shift, etc. Once the message detail is gathered, we can provide the caller with a specific confirmation number and then dispatch the message to the appropriate manager or supervisor. 

The Benefits of Having an Attendance Hotline for Employees

24 Hour Live Answering ServiceThere are many benefits of having an Attendance Hotline for employees, one of which is that there is no more confusion on whom your employees need to call if they are sick, tardy or unable to work. An Employee Attendance Line provides a single point of contact for this type of reporting.  We can send a text or email alerts to managers and supervisors notifying them of an impending absence or tardy. 

A centralized employee attendance line answering service allows your management staff to conduct business without being distracted or interrupted when an employee calls off.  Our 24 Hour Live Call Agents will instantly inform all necessary personnel through our group messaging feature to include supervisors, managers, payroll and HR. Each call can be recorded, time-stamped and issued a confirmation number to ensure accurate tracking for each employee. This service provides valuable third-party verification which is extremely helpful in the case of employee absentee conflicts and challenges.

Other benefits of our Attendance Hotline services:

  • Immediate Notification to Management Team
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Bilingual Call Agents
  • Verifiable
  • Ensures Corporate and Union Compliance
  • Deters Time-off Abuse
  • Available 24/7 which saves you time

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24/7 Live Attendance Hotline for Employees