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Live Tech Support Call Center Services

Our 24-Hour live award-winning IT answering services give you the opportunity to provide customer care for your clients all the time, any time, including nights, weekends, and holidays —at no additional charge. 

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Why it works.

Nowadays, consumers expect responsive service from most businesses any time of day or night. If you’re not available in a 24/7 world, this will have a negative impact on your business. Direct Line exists to solve this problem by offering professional 24-hour live answering services that ensure you never miss a call whether you’re available or not.

24/7/365 Availability

Whether you’re available or not, never miss another call, no matter what time of day or night.

Reduce Labor Costs

Get professional live telephone answering support without increasing labor costs.

Grow Your Business

Increase your competitive edge by having your business virtually available around the clock.

Your Voice of Excellence.

California’s Most Awarded Answering Service and Call Center.

How it works.

Create Custom Script

Custom scripts are created for your unique telephone answering needs and can be updated at anytime.

Forward Your Calls

Our professionally certified call agents a ready to take your calls 24/7.

Instant Message Delivery

Instantly receive messages via text, email or phone.

Customer Support Call Center Services

If your tech department can’t provide immediate live phone support to your clients, your company is immediately separated from the competition simply because your callers are speaking to a live agent.

Our professionally certified call agents will field your first-level support calls by asking callers pertinent questions to determine whether they are experiencing a critical outage and need immediate support or if a routine support ticket needs to be entered into your system. We can easily integrate with your ticketing system to log cases and provide your callers with a corresponding case/ticket number.

Even though we are not IT professionals . . .

We can be the comforting voice available to your clients anytime that they experience a technical issue and need your service.  Our courteous agents can assure your callers that their issue has been logged, provide them with a case number and give them an estimated response time based on your intake instructions.

We have Two-Way text and email capabilities as well. In addition, we can also reach your on-call IT technicians for critical issues, or document other issues based on your custom instructions.

Your Voice of Excellence.

California’s Most Awarded Answering Service and Call Center.

All of your messages are accessible in real-time through our client web portal at no additional charge. If you would like a customized monthly or weekly report, we can set that up as an additional service.  Direct Line is one of the best call center for businesses in the nation.

1. What is the purpose of an IT support answering service?

An IT support answering service can be set up to answer calls, solve issues, and give callers important information on behalf of your company. The primary purpose is to offer excellent customer service while freeing up your time so you can allocate your helpdesk support needs to a professional IT call center.

2. How much does an IT support answering service cost?

The average cost of an IT support answering service varies because it depends on the types of calls that come in. Most IT call centers bill by time and not by call. The best way to get a more accurate sense of IT answering service cost is by telling us your needs and we will create a custom estimate for you. Our services will most definitely help you lower your internal payroll costs.

3. What is an automated answering service?

An automated answering service operates without an actual human on the line. On the other hand, a live answering service gives callers instant access to operators that can address their questions and help them find the best answers and provide support.

4. What is the difference between an answering service and a chatbot?

The difference is noticeable – a chatbot is a robotic way of helping callers with only a number of limited options that is typically driven by artificial intelligence. An answering service for IT support helps companies make the most of live agents and operators to address their clients’ needs.

5. How to set up a live IT support answering service?

Contact us today for a complete overview of our features and services, and we will give you a cost estimate to set up your live answering service for your IT company.

Call us today and learn more about our live 24-hour IT support call center services. 888-365-2424

Call today to learn more about our award-winning call center services for IT companies here. 888-365-2424

Been working with Direct Line since 2011. They are very organized and dependable. Handle 300+ call per month for us during the after hours. Responsive to any questions I have. Their IT group is quick to make changes to our call trees when we need them. Their operators are courteous and knowledgeable. Consistent great service.

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