Custom Reporting

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Custom reports enable you to monitor your call activity and identify areas for improvement.

You can gain insights into your business by making use of raw data stored in your account. Direct Line can provide and automate daily, weekly, and even monthly customized reports. These reports provide the necessary detail as to when and how often your callers are trying to reach you.

Direct Line has always been committed to excellence in everything we do and our reporting platform allows the ability to create quality control and assurance reporting as well.

These reports assist us in ensuring your call standards and protocols are followed in accordance with your specifications.

How it Works

  1. All calls answered
  2. Custom reports are generated
  3. Review data
  4. Informed decision making

Most Requested Reports

  • Message and dispatch detail
  • Inbound call type
  • Call reason
  • Call volume
  • Inbound calls by geographic location
  • Length of calls
  • Call ID detail
  • Customized to your specifications

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We are the perfect extension of your business.

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