Answering Services for Attorneys, Law Offices and Legal Professionals


answering service for lawyersHave you ever thought about how painful it is for a potential client who calls your office and no one is available to answer their call? Missed calls mean missed cases and the lost opportunity for billable hours.

When it comes to lawyer answering services, they must be professional, organized and always available. There are few people call a lawyer’s office just to say “hi.”

Direct Line Specializes in Answering Support for Law Offices Nationwide and in the Bay Area

When a potential client calls, the last thing they want is to land in your voicemail. This is why at Direct Line, we pride ourselves on our award-winning attorney answering service for law firms.

Our expert team is 100% U.S. based and is comprised of bilingual agents and live virtual receptionists who can personally respond to your inbound calls any time you’re not available. Whether our team is answering for a private practice or a team of attorneys in multiple locations, we’re committed to excellence in call quality, accuracy and confidential message delivery.

Direct Line specializes in attorney answering and legal intake. All of our call agents have undergone comprehensive background checks, a rigorous 12-week training program, on-going skills development and are professionally certified by our industry association — The Association of Tele Services International. Thanks to our internal quality control protocols, we evaluate thousands of calls monthly and maintain and enhance the reputation of many lawyers, attorneys and law firms in the Bay Area as well as Nationwide.

Our Lawyer/Law Firm Call Services

Our client support is perfect for giving your office a professional presence 24/7. We’ll customize your call answering script exactly the way you require. We have flexible message delivery options such as text, email, cell phone or voicemail.

In addition, we are proud to offer:

  • bay area legal answering service24/7/365 Call Coverage: We’ll answer each and every one of your calls, regardless of who is calling or when they call.
  • Attorney Answering and Legal Intake: Our live virtual receptionists are available around the clock and can assist you with securing more cases while providing an excellent caller experience.
  • Call-by-Call Prioritization: We know that law firms and attorneys have many active cases that are in varying degrees of priority. This is why our Bay Area legal answering solutions comes to play to ensure priority callers such as judges or colleagues. Our advanced call center technology is about to identify your priority calls and connect them to you instantly.
  • Appointment Scheduling: We can directly integrate our messaging services with your CRM and most online calendar management software platforms. We can take care of creating, modifing and/or canceling appointments based on your needs and schedule.

Professional Representation for Law Offices and Attorneys

Our team of professionally certified call agents will work hard to make sure that your practice delivers the highest level of service — regardless if you’re available or not. Whether you are in court, attending meetings or just can’t be interrupted, we’re here represent you while assisting you with reducing your administrative costs.

Call today and learn more about our award-winning Legal answering service. 888-365-2424