Reduce Your Risk for HIPAA Non-Compliance Penalties and Fines with Secure Interactive Messaging

HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service for Healthcare Professionals

Scheduling his surgeriesHere’s the issue: Many Healthcare professionals and facilities have no idea they’re even at risk for HIPAA Non-Compliance penalties and fines. The main problem is the majority of violations occur from transmitting patient information via non-secure mobile devices and email. If you are still using an alpha pager or sending non-secure text messages, you ARE in violation of HIPAA regulations and at significant legal and financial risk.

Secure Interactive Messaging (SIM) is your solution.

Here’s a case study we came across recently that really highlights the fact that a simple mistake can be costly.

Because a small private practice did not ensure that their patient information was secure, they were fined when an employee posted patient information on a public virtual calendar through non-secure emails. The result was public access to private patient information and a $100,000 fine.

SIM allows you to receive critical information via a secure messaging process. The “one click” check-in allows your staff to acknowledge receipt without having to speak to a Call Agent. This will save you time, money and will help you improve response time to patients and colleagues.

Your Medical Answering service is considered a business associate by Federal Government standards therefore; you MUST be 100% positive that your answering service provides HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Services. Be sure that your answering service can fulfill your patient contact requirements while simultaneously protecting all Personal Health Information (PHI) that is stored and transmitted.

Top 6 Reasons to Use Secure Interactive Messaging:

  1. Data is secure since it is never passed through a 3rd party.  All messages are housed on our secure message database server.
  2. Encrypted “Message Delivery”  and “Message Read” notification verifies that the recipient has received and has opened the message.
  3. Send secure/encrypted messages to your mobile devices which eliminates the need of pagers or extra devices.
  4. Unlimited use of characters with no message truncation.
  5. Multiple people on-call have visibility to messages. Group notification.
  6. Secure mobile site is password protected.

iStock_000008162634-600x400Secure Interactive Messaging is our prescription for your communication compliance needs. Our SIM product is extremely safe and secure and is the premier tool for replacing old paging systems. Using the SIM technology, we can protect your patients’ confidentiality and sensitive medical questions while giving you the freedom to consolidate your devices.

Direct Line Tele Response and our Live Virtual Receptionists continue to be an industry leader for Secure Medical Answering Service. As your trusted Business Associate, we are fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) governing the privacy of individual identifiable health information.

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