HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service

Bay Area HIPAA compliant medical answering service providerEvery medical professional needs to have the right solution for HIPAA compliant medical answering services and secure messaging. Make sure whatever service provider you choose, that they offer professionally certified Call Agents that gather incoming information accurately, quickly and confidentially and especially in accordance with Government regulations. You’ll want to make sure that they have secure technology that automatically identifies which instructions to follow, whether for consultations, new patient intake, insurance inquiries, urgent needs or a requests for a specific service you provide.

Chances are that if you own or manage a clinic or another type of medical facility, you’ll need to partner with a medical answering service to assist you in ensuring your callers and patients receive a high level of responsive communication, especially when you’re not available. Choosing a 24 Hour Live Medical Answering Service provider who understands your obligations under HIPAA/HITECH is a priority.

Why using a HIPAA compliant medical answering service is a smart decision

Secure Interactive Messaging
HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering ServicesA HIPAA Compliant Secure Interactive Messaging platform allows you to receive critical messages securely. A “one click” check-in allows your staff to acknowledge receipt without having to speak to a Call Agent all the while making sure PHI (Protected Health Information) details are 100% secure. This will save you time, money and improves response time to patients and clients.

The Federal Government considers your Medical Answering service a business associate therefore; you MUST be 100% positive that your messaging firm provides HIPAA Compliant Secure Medical Answering Service.

Six Reasons to use Secure Interactive Messaging

  1. Ability for a recipient to reply to a message with an encrypted/secure response.
  2. Encrypted/secure “Message Delivery” and “Message Read” receipts, verifying receipt of the message by the recipient and verifying when the message is opened.
  3. Ability to send secure/encrypted messages to mobile devices which is better and safer than SMS text.
  4. Ability to send large amounts of data/information instantly.
  5. Provides an auditing and reporting trail of all messages and messaging events,
  6. Can be used over Wi-Fi, not just limited to the use of cellular or telephone signal. Operates inside buildings, where sometimes wireless telephone/pager service can fail.

Medical Office Answering ServiceUsing this technology, you can protect your patients’ confidentiality and sensitive medical information while you’re gaining the freedom to consolidate your devices. Our professionally certified Call Agents here at Direct Line Tele Response will assist you in providing excellent value to your patients and to help your medical office operate smoothly.

Our Secure Interactive Messaging feature is our prescription for your communication compliance needs. The SIM feature is extremely safe, secure and is the premier tool to replace old paging systems.

Learn more about our 24 Hour Live HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service with Secure Interactive Messaging. We will fulfill your patient contact requirements while simultaneously protecting all Personal Health Information (PHI) that is stored and transmitted.

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