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How To Scale Your Business After COVID19 With A 24 Hour Live Answering Service

Scale Your Business During COVID-19 With A 24 Hour Live Answering Service In a professional world like the one we are currently living in, every customer demands an immediate response and timely results. However, keeping up with this demand is often tricky, especially during COVID-19 and some of the restrictions we are still facing. Small…
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How Outsourced Medical Call Centers Assist With Call Overflow Support

How Call Centers Are Supporting Physician Offices and Hospitals The stay at home order imposed by the United States government has brought a set of new challenges for both the public and private sector. The essential business overflow is triggered by COVID-19 and patient influx is affecting more than just crowded halls and packed emergency…
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How To Grow Your Business With A Bilingual Answering Service

How To Grow Your Business With A Bilingual Answering Service If you want to grow your customer base, a good way to do so is using a bilingual answering service where a team of live virtual receptionists can fully understand your potential customer’s needs. By leveraging a 24 hour live bilingual answering service you will…
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How A Bay Area Answering Service Can Support Your Business Continuity Plan

How A Bay Area Answering Service Can Support Your Business Continuity Plan The San Francisco Bay Area is known for being located in what is known as Seismic Zone 4, which means there is a very high likelihood of devasting earthquakes — with that said, businesses can’t afford to have their communications or IT systems go…
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ATSI Recognizes Top Industry Leader For Call Centers

At the Association of TeleServices International’s (ATSI) annual conference, owner and president of Direct Line, Ken Goldenberg was recognized by his peers for his willingness to continually share best practices and inspire learning throughout the industry. He was awarded the exclusive Learning by Association award. Ken was particularly moved when receiving this honor because it was…
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Alameda County Going Cleaner and Greener

East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) Pushes for Greener Energy Direct Line Tele Response (a Berkeley 24 hour live answering service company since 1979) supports this new endeavor and push for greener energy despite the current political landscape in Washington. Berkeley has always been at the forefront of pushing for more renewable energy sources and was the…
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