How Outsourced Medical Call Centers Assist With Call Overflow Support

How Call Centers Are Supporting Physician Offices and Hospitals

The stay at home order imposed by the United States government has brought a set of new challenges for both the public and private sector.

The essential business overflow is triggered by COVID-19 and patient influx is affecting more than just crowded halls and packed emergency rooms. Additionally, there are reports showing that there’s a tremendous increase in call volume coming into medical offices and hospitals that cannot be addressed by existing staff. This is when a call center can provide call overflow support and HIPAA compliant telephone answering.

So, how are call centers supporting physician offices and medical professionals during these unprecedented times?

The Role of Call Centers During COVID-19

The increase for patient care is both overwhelming and overburdening to the medical industry. All of this comes from the skyrocketing demand for immediate care. This is why many physicians and medical offices are shifting to a new way of communication — and hiring healthcare answering service providers.

Needless to say, only a professional answering service/call center are able to successfully manage the increase in calls, track activity and make sure that every patient gets the right information. Technology has assisted the call center industry during COVID-19 and helped it diffuse the high volume of patient requests.

The main aim of a virtual answering service is to take the burden off the front-line medical professionals so they can focus on patient care with minimal interruptions.

The Biggest Pain Point for Medical Professionals Right Now

For many physicians and other medical professionals, the biggest pain points now include their daily practice management issues, the increase in work and the challenges such as lack of staff. They simply don’t have enough administrative staff that can address the increase of calls, patient requests and similar operations.

Health care call center support and professional answering services can take a burden off both sides — creating a win-win situation that physicians and hospital staff need right now.

More importantly, quality call centers can help medical professionals and physicians retain their patients. When the patients receive the support during their time of need, they are loyal and feel safe. This is one of the biggest ROI for any physician practice or medical facility.

Our Professional Healthcare Answering Service

At Direct Line, we support a number of healthcare facilities with professional answering services that are tailored to their needs. Available around the clock, our professional call center agents are HIPAA trained and certified and able to provide patients with a compassionate voice and rapid responsive to their needs.

As the competition increases in the healthcare sector during COVID-19, we strive to adapt to the needs of more healthcare providers and always focus on assisting them addressing their patient’s needs. Our 24/7 medical answering service is equipped with well-trained professionals and the latest in call center technology.

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