5 Amazing Benefits of Choosing a Telephone Answering Service In 2019

5 Amazing Benefits of Choosing a Telephone Answering Service In 2019 In 2019, telephone answering services in Bay Area are not only more sophisticated than ever before— they also come with more benefits specifically for small business owners. If you’ve used an answering service in the past for message taking or dispatching, you may not…
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Employee Hotlines and Absentee Management Solutions

Employee Hotlines and Absentee Management Solutions The value of having an employee hotline to support your absenteeism management process is vast. What typically happens is that most employees call or leave a voicemail that they’ll be late or are calling off. Then you have someone else cull through those messages and then notify the shift…
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Employee Hotlines and Call Off Services

Improve Company Productivity with an Employee Call-Off Hotline As a large employer, meeting your production deadlines is contingent on your employees being at work and on time. Having one centralized number for absentee reporting streamlines attendance monitoring, prevents work stoppage and keeps your operations running smoothly. Whether your employees are calling in for tardiness, an…
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U.S. Based Answering Service Launches New Lifestyle Website

Award Winning Live Answering Service Provides Work/Life Balance For Clients Berkeley, CA – Direct Line Tele Response, a U.S. based, award winning Answering Service and Call Center, launches a new WordPress responsive website. The site specifically highlights how their 24/7/365 live answering services provide a work/life balance lifestyle for small business owners, corporate executives and…
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Attention Medical Professionals!!

Are Your Messages and Texts Secure and HIPAA Compliant? Direct Line has the solutions for HIPAA compliant medical answering services. Our staff of professionally trained Live Virtual Receptionists will gather incoming information accurately, quickly and confidentially, in accordance with your specific instructions. Our world class secure technology automatically identifies which instructions to follow, whether it…
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