5 Amazing Benefits of Choosing a Telephone Answering Service In 2019

5 Amazing Benefits of Choosing a Telephone Answering Service In 2019

bay area phone answering serviceIn 2019, telephone answering services in Bay Area are not only more sophisticated than ever before— they also come with more benefits specifically for small business owners. If you’ve used an answering service in the past for message taking or dispatching, you may not be aware of the latest advances in technology, which include a host of new integrations that can provide more value than one might expect.





Here’s a brief listing of the top 5 most valuable benefits of our professional Bay Area answering services.

1. Lead Capture

Even though this seems like a no-brainer, lead capture is the first and most obvious benefit of hiring a telephone answering service. According to recent stats, 82% of the customers won’t call a business back if you don’t answer the phone. Know that if you don’t answer, your competitor surely will.

In times when small business owners are too busy to pick up the phone or can’t afford to hire a receptionist due to rising labor costs, a telephone answering service captures the exact information that you would require from a potential customer and delivers that information directly to your inbox or text instantly.

2. Brand Integration

For many small business owners, the main concern when hiring a phone answering service is the fact that some call agents may sound either unprofessional or robotic. At Direct Line, we are unequivocally the voice of your brand. One of the reasons we are the most awarded answering service in the state of California is because of our rigorous hiring and testing processes that ensure we hire the right agents the first time. Once hired, our agents participate in a 12 weeks training process so that they have the skills and confidence that are required to deliver the best brand experience for your callers, regardless of industry, niche or size.

3. Order Processing

With the onset of a chat option, customers want to speak with a live person because it’s the quickest way to get a response from a business. This is why an answering service works – especially when it comes to processing your orders or bookings/reservations.

Whether you use an e-commerce website or a sales catalog, we can securely and easily process all of your orders and payments— all thanks to our award winning phone answering services.

4. Appointment Scheduling

Small business owners are busy and don’t have a lot of time to answer the phone. This is why most of the time, it’s difficult for them to schedule appointments or manage their own calendar. With the right team, any business owner can rely on the expert-level service while focusing on their business.

5. Custom Reporting

Last but certainly not least, here is a very effective benefit and tool that will provide valuable insight — custom call reports. We can customize any type of call report to provide you with the visibility required to evaluate key metrics and call history. The call reporting features can include overall call counts, average and total call duration, lists of every phone call, dispatch history, phone numbers, locations and many other vital insights that your business can use in the future to make decisions.

In the end, running a business in an efficient manner is a top priority for every owner. With the assistance of the best Bay Area phone answering services, the cost of answering your phone is so affordable and the benefits come in many forms such as increasing your competitive edge while reducing your payroll.

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