Six Reasons To Implement A Whistleblower Hotline

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A Whistleblower Hotline is a telephone line that is a unique channel that enables employees and other members of your company to confidentially alert an organization about any suspicions of misconduct.

Why Are Whistleblower Hotlines Needed?

Whistleblower hotlines are an important tool for reducing risk and building trust. They enable managers to detect and act on possible misconduct at an early stage. Whistleblowers also perform a preventative role — their existence can definitely make people think twice about committing any acts of fraud, corruption, harassment etc.

Today, we are talking about whistleblowing hotlines as an option that allows people to confidentially notify the appropriate manager about concerns going on in the workplace. Made available 24/7/365, whistleblower hotlines are perfect for every organization because of their cost-efficiency, security and maximum anonymity.

How To Implement A Whistleblower Hotline In Your Company

The best way to implement one in your organization is through the following steps.

  1. Engage Your Stakeholders

This is the step where you are engaging employees, vendors and customers from across your business. Implementing a whistleblower hotline is not something you decide for yourself, which is why it’s recommended to ask stakeholders from specific departments such as Senior Management, Legal, Compliance, Human Resources, Finance and Operations.

  1. Document the Scope of Your Whistleblower Process

As soon as you’ve gotten the next step of approval, it’s time to start documenting everything about the actual process and begin promoting it within your company. This will most likely take the form of an official policy that can be published and shared across your organization.

  1. Define Your Strategy

At this point, it’s time to start thinking about how your employees will be able to raise their concerns through the whistleblower hotline in a confident manner.

A great starting point is to think about your employees and other users of the service and then ask these next questions:

  • What is their working environment like?
  • Where are they based and what languages do they speak?
  • What’s the best way for them to communicate with the company?
  • Are there any obstacles against speaking up?

Once you gain clarity, begin focusing on the intake channels (web, phone, app, etc.) as well as the availability and languages offered. In an ideal scenario, you should form a whistleblowing hotline which is administered externally by a professional and experienced confidential hotline provider, such as Direct Line.

  1. Decide How You Want to Manage Reporting

Receiving reports on your whistleblower line is only the start of the process. You will also need to think carefully about how you will manage the reports you receive. At this point, every decision is important and will shape the overall experience of people using your services.

Therefore, instead of thinking about who will receive the reports and how will they be processed, we recommend you talking directly to a professional phone answering service in the Bay Area. It will most assuredly save you both time and money.

  1. Plan Your Communications

The way your hotline is positioned as well as promoted goes a long way — even beyond the awareness of your employees. The truth is, it is very important to establish trust and confidence and think about different things such as:

  • Your senior management — are they fully engaged?
  • Your promotion channels — do they connect with your employees and others?
  • The hotline’s accessibility — how can you ensure that it is easy to find?
  • The hotline’s branding — what label or name will you use to describe it?
  • Messaging — how will you ensure that employees and others feel safe in speaking up?
  1. Monitor Everything

Once you find the right phone answering service and properly set up your whistleblower hotline, you are ready for implementation.

You’re now ready to begin managing and understanding the feedback of your employees and their concerns. After a while, you can refer back to the success measures that you outlined at the start of the process and see whether the hotline is delivering the results which you expected.

If it isn’t, you should perhaps run an employee survey to gain feedback, discuss your experience with peers from other organizations or associations — or see if your promotional strategy is engaging your audience.

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