Employee Hotlines and Absentee Management Solutions

Employee Hotlines and Absentee Management Solutions

The value of having an employee hotline to support your absenteeism management process is vast. What typically happens is that most employees call or leave a voicemail that they’ll be late or are calling off. Then you have someone else cull through those messages and then notify the shift supervisor of the call off, etc. You’re spending a tremendous amount payroll just managing those messages in-house.

With and employee reporting hotline, we’ll gather all of the information for you and either text or email to the appropriate manager or department with the details. Your team doesn’t even answer the phone, we do. When you use an absentee management service, you will receive accurate data in real-time that will assist in streamlining your attendance monitoring process.

Features and Benefits of Implementing an Employee Reporting Hotline:

  • Immediate notification to management team
  • Ensures accurate documentation and compliance
  • Reduces employee disputes
  • Eliminates guess-work
  • Frees up management’s time
  • Reduces work stoppage
  • Streamline attendance monitoring processes

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