Government Agencies Benefit From Using Contact Centers For 311 Support


government agency call centerAccording to the latest Government Contact Center Satisfaction Index report, the level of satisfaction with in-house government call centers has decreased by 3% over the past year. On the other hand though, it was also determined that the largest increase in caller satisfaction came from a decrease in the amount of time that it took them to reach a live person.

Reducing caller wait time enables government agencies to appear more credible, more responsive and more professional in the eyes of their constituents. But what’s the real secret to improving responsiveness — specifically in regard to 311 calls?

In order to be efficient, many government agencies and municipalities are beginning to outsource telephone answering to qualified contact centers, especially for 311 calls. An experienced contact center can support civic engagement by delivering a whole new experience to 311 callers.

A Solid Information Center For Government Information And 311 Services

Non-emergency 311 systems are being used more and more in the U.S, because they offer a number of advantages. They provide citizens a quick and convenient way to report issues in and around their neighborhoods, plus these lines enable city agencies to identify patterns so they can address issues proactively.

By outsourcing to a call center for 311 services, government agencies allow third-party centers to gather important information from their communities. With logic based, advanced call center technology, contact centers function as a hub for streamlining community information, service requests and program information.

One of the most important benefits for government agencies outsourcing to contact centers, is that they can deliver an affordable and expedient way for calls to be answered. This way agency personnel can ensure that community issues are addressed properly and responsively.

Coordinated, smooth and efficient, call centers that specialize in government telephone answering support can direct calls and assist the public in gaining access to relevant government information in a short period of time.

Creating A Voice For Government Agencies

contact centers for government agenciesIn order for government agencies to gain trust within a community, it’s important that knowledgeable call agents deliver a professional experience that best represents the corresponding agency.

Live call agents who answer calls is far superior to any automated system. These call agents are the voice of your agency! Specific telephony programming allows call agents to deliver the best 311 caller experience by addressing specific issues that can’t be properly addressed with automated, non-human interface services.

A consolidated and outsourced government call center for 311 services is an ideal solution that can support government employees, enhance the quality of support to citizens and be the missing link for optimal communication between the government and the public.

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