The Value of Secure Interactive Messaging

Get Secure Interactive Messaging With Direct Line

Did you know that we offer a powerful enterprise paging and messaging application for iOS, Android smart phones and tablets? Our Secure Interactive Messaging (SIM) program is ideal for organizations where HIPAA compliance is a necessity or where sensitive data must be delivered in a secure way to mobile devices. This service is able to replace or augment your current paging technology and also makes possible instant two-way communication.  When you (recipient) receive an alert for a new message it is separate from your email and text messages and the secure interactive message (SIM) is able to be viewed instantly using the SIM app on your smartphone or tablet.

Eight Great Reasons To Go SIM:

  1. Ability for a recipient to reply to a message with an encrypted/secure response
  2. Ability to designate “High Priority” messages, displaying them at the top of the message list and also to organize by subject
  3. Repeated alerts to the recipient’s mobile device to ensure prompt message receipt
  4. Encrypted/secure “message delivery”  and “Message Read” receipts, verifying receipt of the message by the recipient and verifying when the message is opened
  5. Ability to send secure/encrypted messages to mobile devices (better than text)
  6. Ability to send large amounts of data/information instantly
  7. Provides an auditing and reporting trail of all messages with all message events
  8. Can be over Wi-Fi, not just limited to the use of cellular or telephone signal. Operates inside buildings, where sometimes wireless telephone/pager service can fail.

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