How A Dispatching Service Supports Trade Companies And Their Technicians

24-Hour Dispatchers For Trade Services

Trade services including HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Roofing Contractors typically manage a significant number of field technicians as well as an active on-call schedule. Communication can be challenging and potentially dangerous, especially if one of the techs is under the house or on the roof. Did you know that 4 out of 5 HVAC techs admitted to taking a call in an unsafe location putting companies at risk for a workman’s comp claim?

A Complete Dispatch Service Solution by Direct Line Tele Response.

We understand that working in a professional trade, requires you and your techs to work out of your vehicles or even a mobile office. Crews are constantly on the move, commuting between different job sites ensuring each project is on target for the specific scope of work that’s contracted for.

When you partner with Direct Line, you don’t have to worry about missing incoming calls due to a busy schedule. Our professionally certified Call Agents will answer your calls promptly and accurately so that you can focus on client service and projects in the field.

Our Advanced Dispatch Technology, Allows Us To:

  • Determine If A Call Is Routine or Urgent — our logic-based technology allows our call agents to accurately determine if a call is routine or if it really is urgent. Each script is customized based on the types of calls you receive. We’re able to communicate to your caller on the next steps to take for any type of call and we can assist them in the event of a real emergency.
  • Dispatch to Correct On-Call Technician — Our call agents have complete visibility as to which one of your employees is on-call and more importantly, reach them for the appropriate type of call. They can update your on-call schedule as it changes, or better yet, you can do so when you access your FREE Web Portal. All changes are updated in our system in real-time ensuring we never dispatch or disturb the wrong person. You’ll also be able to view your messages, dispatch and delivery history though the Web Portal as well.
  • Enter Work Orders into Your System — Simplify your tasks and all us to assist you with streamlining work order requests through our CRM Integration service. We can reduce the work load of your office staff and increase your productivity.
  • Improve Efficiency With Custom Messaging— In addition to our award-winning dispatch service, we can provide a variety of custom message delivery options so that your messages are delivered exactly as required. Messages can be texted, emailed or we can leave you a voicemail as to who called and what their needs are.

Where many answering and dispatch services fall short, is in the lack of accurate and efficient delivery of messages to the correct on-call tech. Not only do we take message details accurately, we do so quickly. This is of critical benefit to you since it spares your on-call staff from issues that can be addressed by your admin staff during regular business hours.

Impress Your Customers with Quick Answering to All Inbound Calls

Now is the perfect time for you to impress your customers with quick call answering for inbound service inquiries, answer their questions, and update all of your team in minutes.

Our professional call agents here at Direct Line are experienced in trade service dispatch and always look to assist you with improving the communication in your business. With us, you can enjoy faster communication and respond to every call in a way that grows your business and makes your customers happy.

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We are the perfect extension of your business.

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