Message Delivery Options

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Message Delivery Options

Direct Line offers a multitude of message delivery options for your convenience.  These services are designed to save you time so there is no need to call in for your messages.  You can receive messages by using any one of these options, 24/7/365.

Client Web Portal

Direct Line provides every client with a secure web portal free of charge. The web portal is an electronic gateway that not only provides visibility to messages, on-call schedules and contact lists but you can also securely update these lists in real-time.

Secure Interactive Messaging

Our HIPAA compliant Secure Interactive Messaging (SIM) option allows our clients to receive critical information through the use of our secure servers.  SIM works by sending a web link via an email or SMS text message which contains no sensitive information.  This link serves only as a notification that a new message is securely available.  By clicking on the link, you are directed to a secure login page where you can access your inbox and view your messages.

SMS Text

SMS text messaging is a reliable and quick way to ensure your messages are delivered directly to your Smartphone or mobile device. Studies show that 99% of people read their text messages with 90% reading them within the first three (3) minutes. -source


Receive messages instantly via email.  Our system allows us to email your messages immediately, or if needed, we are also able to batch multiple emails for one delivery.

Warm Patch/Transfer

Once we confirm that you are available to accept a call, we can connect your caller directly and announce them.  If you prefer not to have your callers announced, we will simply transfer or “put them through” directly to you.


Upon saving your message, we can call your voicemail and record your message details for retrieval at your convenience.


If you prefer a hard copy of your messages, our fax delivery is the solution for you. Messages can be faxed as they are received or sent as a batch at a specific time.


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24 Hour Live Answering

Never miss a call, especially when you aren’t available.

After-Hours Answering

Maintain availability after normal business hours with us.

Employee Attendance Line

Absentee management and employee reporting services.

Alert & Email Monitoring

Multi-tiered integrated monitoring services for emergencies and alerts.

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