Expanding Our Level Of Business Continuity To Eliminate Risks

Expanding Our Level Of Business Continuity To Eliminate Risks

business continuity support Most businesses face the threat of an unplanned interruption, especially in a PG&E service area. When something like this occurs, the main thing that’s important is to be prepared.

The causes of such business interruptions tend to vary. From IT service interruptions to natural disasters. There are many things that can affect business continuity, employees and the ability to communicate with your callers. As a result, thousands of (small and large) businesses in the Bay Area are crippled by unplanned business interruptions.

With a solid business continuity plan, all of this can be avoided. Focused on isolating risks and how to protect a business from all kinds of interruptions, a business continuity plan ensures your ability to conduct business without interruption.

At Direct Line, we pride ourselves on being a primary foundation for a strong business continuity plan for businesses of all sizes. In fact, we have a new announcement to make.

Moving Our Server Infrastructure To A Secure Data Center In Sacramento

As one of the leading answering services in the Bay Area, we are always committed to new goals and better results. That said, we are proud to announce that our company will make a huge investment and relocate our server infrastructure to a secure data center in Sacramento in early 2020.

What will all of this mean for our clients?

Well, it means that their business communications become uninterruptable. We have raised the bar higher, offering the most up to date systems to manage their accounts — and provide a higher level of security of their data. Our new Sacramento data center has a lot of power and network backups and is not in the PG&E service area, ensuring continuity at all times.

To build upon our excellent track record, the risk of any service interruptions will now be totally reduced. With a seamless integration plan, no service interruptions are anticipated during this move.

Our business continuity plan for 2020 will offer three primary aspects for key applications and processes, including:

  • High Availability: We will ensure that your business has the capability to communicate regardless of local failures.
  • Continuous Operations: Now, you can safeguard the ability to keep things running during a disruption or during planned outages such as scheduled backups or planned maintenance.
  • Disaster Recovery: With our solid solution as your business continuity partner, you can expect continued communication with clients, vendors and your employees if a disaster destroys your primary site or renders it as inoperable.

Optimizing Your Investment To Limit Interruptions And Risks

data centerDirect Line stays committed in our field of continuity management. We analyze the risk of business interruption and take actions to reduce it. Our business continuity management process is the key to identifying which activities will reduce risks. We will also eliminate the activities which are less beneficial and maximize the risk reduction while minimizing costs.

With this, we fully encourage all organizations to consider our award-winning 24-hour live answering and call center services as part of their own business continuity plan. What we offer is a simple and straightforward process that initiates stable business continuity management with a number of key success factors.

Final Words

Direct Line will work with you to identify critical activities and their associated dependencies. We will protect your business against communication failure — and develop alternate modes of operations for critical activities based on likely causes of failure.

The end result is a process that evaluates the risk management options for an organization, ensuring reliable and repeatable results. If you are ready to get started, contact us today and learn more!

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