3 Ways Live Virtual Receptionists Capture Leads

Bay Area Live Virtual Receptionists Deliver Lead Capture Services For E-Commerce Businesses

If you own an e-commerce store, overcoming challenges is a regular part of your daily routine. According to studies, the general lifespan of an e-commerce store is shortening all the time — thanks to Amazon. Did you know that roughly half of online stores don’t make it past the first four years – and only 40% of them are profitable?

Leveraging the cost savings of using live virtual receptionists to capture inbound leads is a good thing. However, when it comes to smart lead generation, a Bay Area call center can be a powerful lead capture tool.

At Direct Line, we pride ourselves on our reliable team who knows what it takes for a e-commerce site to increase its customer base and capture more leads any time of day or night. Below, we are listing the three best ways you can capture leads with an answering service.

Lead Capture answering service1. After-Hour Leads: Overnight and Weekend Leads Are Important

Many online store owners are challenged with responding to orders after-hours and on the weekends. While these times are not as popular as standard working hours, there is definitely some traction to be gained — one which you could benefit from when using a telephone answering service.

Despite the fact that if a business isn’t open past 5pm on weekdays or on the weekends, potential leads will come in simply because most consumers are available during these times. They are likely to engage with a business who demonstrates responsiveness. This is where we come in . . .

In fact, you would be surprised to know how many potential customers choose to wait until after work (or during weekends and holidays) to take care of things. And yes, your business may be 9 to 5 — but your customers and their needs are always full-time.

2. Overflow Leads

Overflow leads happen during business hours and times when you, for whatever reason, are busy or are on the other line. In cases like these, your customers end up redirected to your voicemail.

According to studies by Forbes, over 80% of callers who reach voicemail don’t leave a message. So, it’s safe to say that customers are quick to go to the next listing on the Google page and forget about your business if they can’t reach you.

Having a Bay Area live virtual receptionist can eliminate this and capture every call coming in. Our team at Direct Line knows that potential customers require a warm and friendly voice to answer their questions about your products and services — and to place their order.

Aside from greeting them, our lead capture call center service will make sure that your callers’ information is accurately gathered while delivering a professional first impression of your business.

Bay Area virtual receptionists3. Radio and TV Generated Leads: An Additional Revenue Stream

Investing in a radio or TV advertisement can really pay off — but only when the leads coming from it are effectively captured. 

With our lead capturing answering services, you can make the most of every ad by establishing a dedicated toll-free number that is specifically assigned to your campaign. 

Our professionally certified live virtual receptionists can also integrate your caller’s information directly into your customer relationship management (CRM) system in order to ensure that every lead is documented, organized and ready for future marketing.

Some Additional Thoughts

It’s easy to see how our lead capture answering services can assist your business and become one of its most powerful revenue-boosting tools.

When potential customers call in after-hours or happen to talk with your busy staff, our lead capture answering services set the bar higher and deliver an award-winning caller experience. We will capture all the data about your callers accurately and completely, fully dedicated to answer their questions and create a great impression about your business.

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