4 Reasons Every Small Business Needs An Answering Service

4 Reasons Every Small Business Needs An Answering Service

Live Answering ServiceA lot of small business owners see phone communication as picking up the phone and providing information, we see it as a crucial part of your customer service and customer experience.

The truth is, any small business especially in the service industry needs to deliver great customer service. It’s what builds long lasting relationships and sets the stage for customer retention and referrals. Whether you are selling products or providing services, every client deserves to know that they are valued and that they are receiving value from you.

One SurveyMonkey article titled “Why Customer Service Is Worth It” shows the value of excellent customer service and actually quantifies it. In summary, after surveying over 400 individuals, it was concluded that 97% of people are likely to tell their friends, family and closer circles about great customer service experiences. Third party validation at its finest.

So, getting back to phone support and its importance as it pertains to small businesses, let’s list the main reasons why every small business needs an answering service.



The Four Main Benefits Of Having a 24/7 Live Answering Service For SMBs (Small To Medium Sized Businesses)

Believe it or not, people still want to talk to a live person, not AI or worse, land in voicemail. The telephone channel is definitely a large part of customer success and plays a huge role in the quality of your business’ customer support. It is certainly an indispensable option which you should not be overlooked—because of the following reasons.

  1. Speed of Response

Believe it or not, using the phone is still the fastest way to resolve a customer support issue, obviously more so than email or text. Callers expect responsiveness. They also expect to speak with a live person, not a chat window, social media message or worse, land in your voicemail.

If the nature of their issue is more complex, having a live person answer their call will simplify the process and allow the customer to provide full details, ramping up your speed and efficiency in resolving disputes.

  1. Simplicity

Live voice answering services can definitely serve as a safety net. However, it should be more than that. In fact, being available virtually 24/7 is definitely a means to increase your competitive edge while enhancing your customer experience level.

  1. Empathy

A 24/7 live business answering service will definitely add value to your caller’s experience. Especially if there are well trained and professionally certified call agents who answer your calls quickly and listen with empathy. Being able to interact with an invested and attentive human voice is invaluable, especially when it comes to building meaningful customer relationships.

  1. Growth

You can gain insight on your caller’s habits and expectations. You can even be a little more detailed and focused on the actual customer experience, using their feedback to make data-driven decisions and grow your business.

Transform Your Customer Service From “Average” To “Superior” With Direct Line Tele Response.

Central Valley phone answering serviceAt Direct Line (https://www.directlineinc.com), we actively demonstrate our commitment to call excellence and assist small and mid-sized businesses across the country with improving their response time in answering calls and building long lasting relationships with their existing and new clients. Our advanced answering service technology makes it easier to deliver reliable customer support.

You’ve heard the old adage, “the devil’s in the details.” So, by partnering with a 24 hour live answering service such as Direct Line, you can definitely elevate your reputation as an expert in your field from average to superior seamlessly. By offering a responsive and empathetic voice any time of day or night, people will be spreading the word about how great your business is and what a pleasure it is to do business with you.

We act as your first line of communication, representing your business and your brand to your callers. Our professionally certified call agents, collectively have hundreds of years of combined industry experience. Using our 24 hour live answering service is the best way to brand your small business and get closer to your target audience.

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