Chat Bots vs. a 24 Hour Live Answering Service

No Replacement for Live Answering Services To Enhance Your Customer’s Experience

professional-answering-service-agentIn this age of technology and automation, chat bots are becoming more and more prevalent especially in the world of customer service and call center services. The question to ask is can great customer service be simulated by using chat bots. The answer is not really. Smart business owners try to streamline and automate standard operating procedures including the use of chat bots to improve efficiency but what gets lost in the process is the most important thing…the customer’s experience.

Every business is built on experiences that create relationships. Consumers want to do business with people they know, like and trust and chat bots or rather artificial intelligence can’t assist you in doing so, but a 24 hr call center answering service most certainly can. Sure, chat bot technology is impressive but nothing can take the place of a live person assisting you in providing an unforgettable customer experience.

iStock_000015172503-smallSo what exactly is a chat bot? Well, Webopedia, ( states that a chat bot is “short for chat robot, a computer program that simulates human conversation, or chat, through artificial intelligence.”

Chat bots are being recognized as the next major innovation in technology. It is important for business owners to understand how chat bots work as compared to how people communicate. Chat bots are just computers and like computers they are good at computation and data lookup while turning around information quickly. What they aren’t good at is interpreting and understanding human emotion. This is exactly why your business needs a 24 hour live answering service. At the very moment when callers reach a live call agent, the foundation of your relationship with them is being built. People connect with people, not robots.

Answering services such as Direct Line Tele Response have professionally certified call agents ready to assist you in creating a great customer experience simply because they can provide empathetic and compassionate engagement with your callers. Chat bots can’t accurately interpret human emotion nor respond accordingly.

So if chat bots can’t connect emotionally with your caller then how can they facilitate a quality customer experience? They can’t. The only real value chat bots can add is to answer some very simple, low-level, repetitive questions and facilitate minimal tasks. That’s it.

If you think about it, chat bots are kind of like voicemail re-purposed. The fact is that most people hang up on voicemail. When your customers encounter a chat bot they are going to ask it to transfer you to a live customer service representative and if you don’t provide one your customers aren’t going to be happy with their experience. Here’s where our professionally certified live call agents come in.  We aren’t artificial intelligence.  We’re the human voice providing a quality human experience that is beyond anything a chat bot can do.

Utilize 24/7 Live Answering Services to Improve Your Customer’s Experience

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