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Issue Presented:

iStock_000009135803MediumSolo practitioners and small legal firms spend time and money generating leads in order to grow their business and build their reputation. However, many times there aren’t enough hours in the day to follow up. They’re either tied up in court, consumed with paperwork or too busy managing other tasks.  In most cases, missing a call means loss of income and more importantly not returning them can have a negative impact on their reputation.

Statistics show that 82% of callers hang up on voicemail, and 90% of potential new clients contact the next law office listed if your office doesn’t answer the first time.
At the recent California State Bar Association’s annual Solo Summit, it was discovered that attorneys were more stressed about not being able to answer their phone than they were preparing for court.

Short Answer
Our affordable Legal Intake Answering and virtual law firm receptionist services support law firms of all sizes across the United States. We manage calls from prospective and existing clients, as well as gather information, warm transfer and take detailed messaging using your customized scripted call solutions.

We know that attorneys, law offices and other legal professionals require specialized call handling. Our professionally certified Legal Intake and Live Virtual Receptionists have provided confidential answering service solutions for all types of law practices including Personal Injury, Family, Corporate, Criminal, Tax, Estate Planning, Malpractice and more. Direct Line equips your law firm with 24/7/365 messaging support and assists you in converting inquiries into cases.

Direct Line Tele Response provides seamless receptionist services during office hours and gives you the competitive edge after hours, weekends and holidays by ensuring that your calls are always answered LIVE!  Need to know when a potential new client or a judge calls, but want to hold all other calls? No problem. We’ve got you covered. It’s what we do every day!
We’re here to equip your law firm with around the clock Legal support and assist you in converting inquiries into cases. We can customize any Legal Answering Service protocol so you never miss a call again. We will identify thresholds for urgent and standard calls, set up for immediate email notifications, provide you with real time reporting and much, much more.
Direct Line has the Answers! Our staff of professionally certified Legal Intake Call Agents will gather information accurately, quickly and confidentially, in accordance with your specific instructions. Our world class technology automatically identifies which instructions to follow, whether it is time of day, case type, new client, urgent need or a request for a specific service you provide.

iStock_000018667102Medium 300x200We are The Service Provider of Choice for Legal Professionals When it Comes to Answering Services

Our goal at Direct Line is to assist attorneys and legal professionals in INCREASING YOUR BUSINESS, provide your callers with award winning customer service and turn calls into cases.

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