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Protect Your Investment!

Reduce Costs With Our Live Answering Service

Get the professional live phone support you need 24/7/365 without paying a salary and providing benefits. Why go to this huge expense when our live virtual receptionists can answer your phones for literally cents on the dollar. Maintaining a smaller workforce can save a significant amount of money for you, especially if you live in an area where minimum wages are increasing. You can still provide excellent service to your clients without having to pay additional employees. We are your 24/7 customer service department. In terms of overhead, think about how much it costs you to hire someone, for example, recruiting fees, interviewing time, background checks, on-boarding, training, wages, insurance, vacation and other benefits. Now that you’ve hired them, what happens when they are late, call off or worse yet…quit? You spent all this time and money only to start the process over again while continuing to erode your net profit. The good news is that you don’t have to do this anymore. Our 24/7/365 live virtual receptionist services give you the peace of mind and keeps within the integrity of your budget because we ARE here 24/7, we don’t call off and more importantly, your investment is literally a fraction of what you would have to make compared to hiring administrative support. Think about it. What would it mean to you if…?

You never missed another call.
You increased your competitive edge.
You opened your business 24/7 while simultaneously enjoying a work life balance.
You received your messages in real-time.
Returns on Investments Can Be Huge The return on investment of hiring a telephone answering service can be huge. How so? By ensuring you never miss a call. We will assist you in capturing leads, increasing sales and limiting missed opportunities.  Here’s an example of a very simple formula for calculating your ROI.  A caller calls into an HVAC company and one of our call agents gathers the new lead information in accordance with the call script.  The message is then sent to your salesperson for follow up and results in a new HVAC order.  The average HVAC sale is approximately $12,500 for a brand new system.  Based on the call volume of this particular HVAC company, they are investing about $435 per month for 24/7/365 live answering services.  The ROI calculation is slightly over 2700%.  Certainly worth going after. Simple ROI= Gains – Investment Costs ÷ Investment Costs = Simple ROI %

Stay Competitive! Your Business is Now Open 24/7/365 Think about it. What would it do for your business to have knowledgeable, friendly, professionally trained Live Virtual Assistant answer your phones 24/7/365? They never sleep, never call off and never go on vacation. Instead they are hard at work best representing your brand and being there for your clients around the clock. The #1 benefit of hiring a live answering service is that it really sets the tone for a seamless client experience. Callers don’t know that they are speaking to an answering service, they’re just happy to speak with a live person instead of voicemail.  It is a fact that 82% of callers that reach voicemail hang up and over 90% of new business inquiries will call your competitor if YOU don’t answer the first time. So why limit your client’s access to you to only 40 hours a week? With our professional certified live virtual receptionists we make it possible for you to never shut your doors! You’re open for business 24/7/365 even while you’re sleeping! That’s your competitive edge.

Improve Your Level of Client Service Using a telephone answering service absolutely improves your level of service to your clients especially after normal business hours. Our state of the art technology provides script based solutions so every call is answered in accordance with how YOU require your phones to be answered. It’s a known fact that the longer a caller waits to have their needs addressed, the more likely they become annoyed, agitated and confrontational. Let’s face it, customers are impatient. They require service immediately, and they expect the individual who answers the phone to be knowledgeable, pleasant and solution oriented. Without lowering your service standards, leveraging a reputable answering service such as Direct Line Tele Response can increase customer satisfaction simply by never missing a call.

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