HIPAA Compliant Answering Service

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HIPAA Compliant Answering Service

Direct Line has the solutions for HIPAA compliant medical answering services.  Our staff of professionally certified Live Virtual Receptionists will gather incoming information accurately, quickly and confidentially, in accordance with your specific instructions. Our world-class secure technology automatically identifies which instructions to follow, whether it is for a consultation, new patient/referral intake, insurance inquiry, urgent need or a request for a specific service you provide.

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) went into effect in February of 2009 with the intent of protecting the privacy and security of health care patients. HITECH works in collaboration with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, creating a set of regulatory obligations to be met by Medical Professionals, HealthCare facilities and providers of health care services.

Chances are, if you manage a clinic or a medical/diagnostic facility, you need to outsource some of your communications to ensure patients receive adequate care. Choosing an answering service provider who understands your obligations under HIPAA and HITECH is critical.  The failure to protect privacy and security of health information could result in substantial penalties is critical.

Introducing Secure Interactive Messaging

SIM allows you to receive critical information via a secure application. The “one click” check-in allows your staff to acknowledge receipt without having to speak to one of our Call Agents. This will save you time, money and improves response time to patients and clients. Your Medical Answering Service is considered a business associate by Federal Government regulations therefore, you MUST be 100% positive that your messaging firm provides HIPAA Compliant secure medical answering services. Here at Direct Line, fulfill your patient contact requirements while simultaneously protecting all Personal Health Information (PHI) that is stored and transmitted.

Eight Great Reasons to use Direct Line’s SIM services

  1. Ability for a recipient to reply to a message with an encrypted/secure response.
  2. Ability to designate “High Priority” messages, displaying them at the top of the message list and also to organize by subject.
  3. Repeated alerts to the recipient’s mobile device to ensure prompt message receipt.
  4. Encrypted/secure “message delivery”  and “Message Read” receipts, verifying receipt of the message by the recipient and verifying when the message is opened.
  5. Ability to send secure/encrypted messages to mobile devices (better than text).
  6. Ability to send large amounts of data/information instantly.
  7. Provides an auditing and reporting trail of all messages with all message events.
  8. Can be used over Wi-Fi, not just limited to the use of cellular or telephone signal. Operates inside buildings, where sometimes wireless telephone/pager service can fail.

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