Government Agency Call Center and Hotline Services

Government Agencies Answering ServiceDirect Line provides a variety of Call Center services for government agencies ranging from answering phones, after hours/holiday support, urgent/emergency dispatch to citizen inquiries. Our Call Center options support multi-channel access, including but not limited to telephone, email, internet and CRM integration. By partnering with Direct Line, have confidence that your office will be able to increase citizen satisfaction 24/7/365.

A short list of some of the government agencies that work with us include Alameda County Building Maintenance, Alameda County Transportation Commission, Alameda County Water District, City of Alameda, City of Berkeley, City of Berkeley Public Works, City of Richmond Housing Authority, City of Vallejo, Santa Cruz City Schools, City of Gary (Indiana) Sanitary District, Napa Sanitation Department, Department of Homeland Security and the FDA. 



Direct Line Tele Response is certified as an Alameda County Small Local Emerging Business (SLEB).

Call us today and learn about our extensive experience in providing Call Center services for Government Agencies. 888-365-2424.