PACE Programs Are Using Call Centers To Enhance Participant Services

How PACE Programs Use Call Centers To Enhance Participant Services

Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) are programs designed to support health services for individuals over the age of 55 who are categorized as “nursing home eligible” by Medicaid programs.

PACE programs have been growing in terms of popularity, mostly because of their tremendous aid to the older generation. From primary and specialty medical care to nursing, social services, and a wide range of therapies, they are programs which are more than necessary for the healthcare support and an enhanced quality of life.

Over the past several years, PACE programs have started utilizing call center services and telephone answering solutions so that participants can receive the support they require, and one that is tailored to their needs. Many PACE participants have multiple diagnoses and having regular communication with their healthcare provider or finding out what provider to contact for their particular health concern, is of extreme value.

PACE Centers: The Need For Ongoing Check-Ups

If you are new to the concept of PACE programs, you should know that these programs organize their services in what is known as PACE Centers. These are community offices which have day health centers, physician offices, social services and rehabilitation services.

Most PACE programs have strong incentives to assist and keep their members as healthy as possible. This is why preventative services in the PACE domain matter — and how telephone answering services can support PACE programs and communities from many aspects.

Why Do Seniors Need PACE Programs With Exceptional Customer Service

Many PACE programs and call centers find working with the elderly very rewarding. Elderly people tend to be patient and polite and expect the same from individuals they speak with. Additionally, elders rely on phone-based services more than younger people because of their inability to communicate with Internet-based methods of communication such as emails, texting, live chats, etc.

This is why PACE programs are starting to optimize their use of call centers. Aside from saving time, seniors prefer live voice interactions which streamlines communication and delivers responsive service.

Other than simply providing 24/7 live telephone support, PACE Programs want to demonstrate a high degree of respect, limit the use of jargon and directly connect their participants with the service they are seeking.

A Trend That Is Appearing Everywhere

There is no shortage of PACE Programs. This service offering is ideal for the aging population. In the same way, call centers are being designed specifically to address questions that participants have and inform them about program details in a professional and efficient manner.

That said, it is evident that more and more PACE Centers and Programs are using call centers to work with seniors. It’s time-efficient and cost-effective, and makes for a wonderful caller experience.

Hiring call centers for PACE programs allows for 24/7 responsiveness. Callers can expect to receive the answers they need from professional and knowledgeable call agents. This aids in making PACE Programs credible, reputable and effective in solving participant’s problems.

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