Small Businesses Absolutely Need Professional Telephone Answering Services To Grow Their Business

Here’s Why Small Businesses Should Consider Phone Answering Services

As a small business owner you probably know that the journey ahead will ebb and flow and your team will constantly be in a state of flux. A small business relies heavily on owners and partners to fill multiple roles; from answering phones to balancing the books to planning your expansion, which are all priorities.

During these stages, maintaining excellent and responsive customer service is beyond important. After all, no business can afford to loose customers because they can’t answer the phone. Think about what the value that one new customer brings and then know that 82% of callers hang up on voicemail. Here’s not only your solution, but your competitive edge . . . a 24 hour live phone answering service.

Why More and More Small Businesses are Using Phone Answering Services?

So here’s why more and more small businesses are hiring phone answering services. Many owners think that their business is managed better when done so by their staff, but many have decided to step forward and consider some key benefits of business phone answering services because they see the value in what we bring to their business.

The truth is answering the phone is an administrative task that can be outsourced very easily while reducing your payroll expenses. For small businesses and startups, this is a role that is usually left in limbo which can lead to many customer service and training challenges.

Since small business owners typically require more time to grow their business, build their culture and expand their products and services, the logical thing to do is to outsource the phone answering to an experienced provider.

One of the primary benefits of using an answering service is relieving the stress you feel from missing calls while increasing your productivity; and the reason for this is because of the reduced amount of interruptions you have.

How Does This Type Of Outsourcing Actually Work?

It’s actually very simple and more affordable than you’d think. Here’s basically how it works . . . Once you forward your calls to us, one of our professionally certified, U.S. based call agents will gather detailed information from your callers, in accordance with your custom script. When the information is verified and confirmed for accuracy, the message is instantly relayed to you via text or email. It’s that simple! It’s also important to mention that if your product or service requires specific knowledge or has a degree of complexity to it; it’s easy for our agents to deliver the information with confidence when using our advanced call center technology.

At Direct Line Tele Response, we pride ourselves on many successful working relationships with small business owners from all over the country and we’ve done so since 1979. Over the years, we have assisted many owners and managers free up their internal resources so they can focus on growing their business. Our job as an award-winning answering service is to assist you with growing your business.

Here are some additional details you need to know about:

  • Forward your phone number to us whenever you aren’t available.
  • Use our service as an overflow (when your phone lines are busy).
  • Expand your customer support and let your customers know that you are available 24/7
  • We’re an extension or in some cases your 24/7 customer service department. We can pre-qualify leads, dispatch urgent/emergency calls and even provide help desk support, all of which part of our full suite of phone answering services.

In other words, outsourcing your telephone answering service as a small business or startup gives you a lot more time to manage your business. As such, it is among the best decisions that you can make while running and expanding your business by partnering with us!

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