How A Call Center Can Support Businesses During Outages

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard Without An Effective Communications Continuity Plan During Outages

System outages can undoubtedly make a day difficult at the office. However, they can be a significant opportunity to learn from. If managed correctly, they can help your business stand out and lead to higher customer satisfaction levels.

The Number of Outages Is Increasing

In 2021, we saw many outages coming from high-profile companies. From Amazon to Delta and Disney to Facebook, big companies witnessed outages which showed that even the toughest infrastructures are prone to failure.

As a report by eMarketer shows, the global network infrastructure “will continue to operate under stress due to the shift to remote work and education, as well as the exponential increase in devices and sensors connected to the internet.” From shortages to delays and complex outages, many situations can present a nightmare scenario in any business that does not have a reliable disaster recovery plan in place.

Unfortunately, many businesses are still unprepared for disruptions caused by power outages and are unaware of the cost and impact an event like this can have on their business operations.

How To Properly Address an Outage and Handle Communications

However, what mattered most in all of them, was the level of handling the communication. The goal of making a significant impact on your customer experience is by focusing on a communication plan that clearly defines a path taken during a system outage. Then, with an answering service or a call center by your side, you can handle the situation well and lay out a clear communication strategy.

At Direct Line, we’ve witnessed and managed multiple outages on behalf of our clients. We focus on being accurate, clear, and on time whenever something happens. Doing that from the start significantly reduces stress, especially when it comes to informing the customer about what’s happening. We’re here to assist with building their confidence by letting them know you are taking the situation seriously and doing your best to resolve it as soon as possible.

With a call center that has an integrated business continuity plan, businesses can focus on resolving outages quickly and efficiently with minimal interruptions during the process. Having a primary support channel where people can turn to and have their calls answered means a lot in situations like these.

Being Prepared Is Always Worth the Effort

A reliable business continuity plan can minimize the impact of network and information system disruptions. Working with a call center or answering service can help you determine the steps your employees need to take in the event of an unexpected outage.

Indeed, creating a preparedness plan in the event of a power outage is no small feat. However, it is worth the effort to add value to your selling proposition. Interested in learning more about how you can support your customers during an interruption like this?

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