Manufacturers Streamline Communication During Rise In Omicron Variant

How You Can Streamline Communication When Omicron Variant Gains Momentum

Most manufacturers know that COVID-19 has hit the industry hard, leaving very little room for potential growth. So instead of dwelling on the circumstances caused by the pandemic, as a manufacturer, you should be looking for ways to optimize and streamline production – even with the new COVID-19 variant named Omicron.

There is a new wave of cases caused by this variant, and certain states, including California and New York, have already reinstated the use of masks. The new variant can only mean one thing for manufacturers – finding a golden opportunity to streamline production.

What Is a Communications Portal & How Does It Help Manufacturers Improve Sales?

A communications portal can mean different things, but for manufacturers, it presents the ability for organizations to manage calls and data. Your customers should always have a single point of contact to use when working with you.

Now, a portal like this can come in many ways. At Direct Line, we pride ourselves on working with manufacturers and setting up answering and call center services that support their customers. We see this solution as the best communication portal you can set up to prevent production scheduling problems and streamline your operations.

We have agents available 24/7 to support each client by informing them about shipments, managing orders, helping with order tracking, etc. All of this can lift off the burden that your sales reps have and open your business to numerous opportunities.

Overcoming Common Production Bottlenecks with A Communication Portal Designed for Your Success

There are so many reasons that account for ineffective production. When any of these occur, the process can be chaotic, repetitive, and frustrating, especially for managers. However, in most cases, either lack of communication or miscommunication is the leading cause of this outcome.

Virtual agents ensure fast response times while minimizing the number of labor hours required. With Direct Line at your business’ forefront, you can rest assured that a team of dedicated call answering specialists is managing your tier-one conversations and requests from customers or new prospects. We will gather information on your behalf, communicate with your callers, and represent your business in the best way possible.

Deploying an effective communication solution in the form of an answering service for manufacturing companies or a 24/7 call center can assist you with gaining insight into your network of contacts, scale production to match your actual demand, and integrate it into your software platform for instant access to real-time data.

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