24 Hour Live Answering and Virtual Receptionist Services Support Businesses During COVID-19 Shutdowns

How A 24 Hour Live Answering and Virtual Receptionist Service Can Support Your Business During COVID-19 Shutdowns

When curfews and new regulations limit community outings, travel, and in-person meetings, businesses need to adapt and overcome the far-reaching restrictions as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

Whether you are selling products or providing services, hiring a live 24-hour answering service can significantly help your business, especially in these challenging times. By improving your ability to communicate with your callers, you will still address their issues and help your customers during their experience with your business.

Staying Safe And Being There For Your Customers Matter

With many employees either furloughed, working a reduced schedule, or not working at all, having live answering services can certainly bridge the gap for all of your call answering needs — ensuring you never miss a call. Custom call scripting makes it easy for call agents to help you stay connected to continue building your business. You know the old adage of “miss a call, miss a sale.”

Being there for your callers is what matters. A live answering service that is always there in whatever capacity you need can be the perfect solution for your business. With 24/7 support and virtual receptionists always there for your callers and customers, you can see more sales and position your business successfully.

The Best Way To Connect To Customers During COVID-19

At Direct Line, we work as an extension of many businesses. Whether you have a medical clinic, property management firm, or are a plumbing contractor, we are here to help business owners adapt to the COVID-19 restrictions and even streamline their communication channels to improve efficiency.

Many businesses are selling products or providing services digitally. Since most of them made pivoted from brick and mortar to click and order during 2020, they can’t afford to hire more people because it’s still a high-change environment. With our live answering and virtual receptionist services, we’ve got you covered any time of day or night to answer and dispatch all of your calls.

Let Us Help You Run Your Business As Usual

We all know that having to put production on pause or close a physical location can hurt any business, regardless of its size. Thankfully, our virtual receptionists and live answering specialists have found a way to help companies connect with their customers and run operations more efficiently.

Now is the best time to adapt to the new normal. With Direct Line, you can run your business with your doors closed and your phones ringing.

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We are the perfect extension of your business.

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