How an Answering Service Assists Businesses After COVID-19

How an Answering Service Assists Businesses After COVID-19

Every business has witnessed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic this year. As the situation continues and some of the restrictions are lifted, business owners need to be savvy in finding the best way to continue operating with maximum efficiency.

One of the benefits of hiring an answering service after COVID-19 is the remote workforce. Every organization right now needs to discover a way to operate without exposing their staff to the virus or people affected by it.

While most of businesses continue operating and are putting themselves at risk to protect the health of the public, they also need to be smart and think about alternative solutions that can help them maintain or even increase their operations. One such way is hiring a business answering service.

Front Office Phone Support: Completely Virtual and Available 24/7

In times when priorities are shifting, small business owners need to keep their employees and their clientele safe and healthy. Hiring an answering service fully supports this decision, giving the staff an alternative or a perfect extension to operate with front office phone support at all times.

At Direct Line, we pride ourselves on assisting businesses in different industries with our answering services for small businesses. Right now, the best telephone answering service is one that is able to receive every call, direct it to the right department or take other action resulting in maximum efficiency.

Re-Open Your Business the Smart Way

Whether it’s on-call IT support, after hours support, HVAC/plumbing/electrical telephone support or call overflow, hiring an answering service is the best way to re-open your business and have all of your calls answered.

Below is a list of examples of affordable telephone answering solutions that we have provided to businesses during COVID-19:

  • Call answering with remote working teams
  • Covering for administrative employees that call off sick
  • Absentee management telephone line
  • Call overflow and after-hours support
  • Taking customer orders
  • 24/7 phone support for businesses with temporary office closures

Most of these solutions can be fully set up and running very quickly. The core value of our answering services for small businesses is for your staff to stay healthy and operate without further precautions.

Stay Safe and Healthy with A Team of Professional Phone Agents by Your Side

By offering the highest quality answering service and after-hours tech support in California, our team at Direct Line can offer you remote phone support while your staff is no longer in the office.

Getting professional help with your phones during your standard working hours, after-hours, weekends, full-time or just overflow can help you increase your revenue and improve your customer support.

Just like everyone, we continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. We are open for business and here to help you get through this together.

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