Top 5 Ways to Save Money with Direct Line

Five Advanced Call Center Technology Features That Saves Money

Some of the best ways to save money when working with Direct Line is to utilize other service options that are available. Many can reduce agent call handling time

Save Money With Advanced Call Center Technologies

1) Integrated Front-end Voice Greeting: Our Direct Response system can initially answer your calls, provide information to filter calls, route calls to voicemail, and then still allow callers to reach our agents. Although we don’t suggest this for everyone, many of our medical and property management clients have been able to reduce their bill using this method.

2) Texting/Email/Secure Messaging: An excellent way to reduce usage is to utilize our texting, email and/or Secure Messaging system. Instead of having our agents call you to relay messages; a much more efficient way to notify you of incoming messages is to send you an alert via one of these methods. We can still make sure you received your message with a followup call, but these will be short as well since you have already received it to your phone, tablet or computer. We can also receive responses from you in the same manner and we’re able to acknowledge receipt, another way to reduce costs.

3) Call Forwarding Tips: If you still call-forward to us using 72# or equivalent, the phone company requires that the line is answered for the system to invoke. When you call and you hit your front-ended voicemail, or PAA, call forwarding will be engaged and you can hang up. You do not need to wait and speak to one of our agents. Unless you have special instructions for the night, we already know your office hours. An even better way is to use a method called “double call forwarding.” If you go through your normal process of forwarding, just hang up right after dialing our phone number in that string. Then do the same process a second time. You should hear two (2) tones and then a dial tone. Your call forwarding is now set for the night.

4) Reduce Complexity: The more complex your dispatch instructions are the longer your calls will be. Direct Line prides itself on managing many complex customer accounts that many other services can’t, but if you can reduce some of these requirements you will see some savings. 

5) Web Portal: Use our Web Portal to enter on-call, contact information and review past messages – We provide our Web Portal system free to all Direct Line clients. You can log into our secure Web Portal to research past messages or the history of dispatch, enter or update the on-call information we have and change contact information of your on-call personnel. You may do this 24/7. 

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