Car Donation Services, Inc.

Direct Line answering service non-profitsSince 2005, we’ve had the distinct pleasure of answering incoming calls for Car Donation Services, Inc. Our job is to assist callers by gathering vehicle details and determining which of the 245+ charities the caller would like to support with their car donation. We then pass the call record and information on to CDS for follow-up.

Car Donation Services really makes it easy for you to give, and when you donate a car or vehicle such as an RV or motorcycle, you’ll be providing much needed support to a local Bay Area charity. During the past five years, CDS has sold over $1 million worth of donated vehicles. They’re large enough to make a difference, but small enough to squeeze every penny out of every car.

They’re constantly striving to ensure the maximum return on each donated vehicle so that charities receive the largest amount possible. They achieve this by securing and constantly monitoring low-cost and high-quality service from the companies they do business with. Direct Line manages all their incoming calls so that they don’t have to staff a phone bank. Their staff focuses all their energy on service fulfillment.

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