Celebrating Good Times With Direct Line

24 Hour Live Answering ServicePlease join us in celebrating two important events here at Direct Line. The first being Ms. Reina Wright, our swing shift supervisor. There are not too many people that have the kind of dedication and commitment it takes to stay with one employer for 10 years – so we want to acknowledge the effort that she has given Direct Line over the last decade.  Reina encompasses an amazing work ethic that is coupled with sound and effective leadership. Her patience and acute attention to detail has been key to our success in delivering exceptional service to our clients. Thank you Reina for all that you have done during the last 10 years and we look forward to having you help us soar to new heights of excellence during the next decade.

Our second celebration is Direct Line’s 38 th Anniversary! Direct Line started in the bottom floor of an apartment building at Dwight & Fulton here in Berkeley on 9/10/79 with a card table, two cord boards and three employees. Cord Board #2 is the one we still have in our receptionist area. Our founder, Ruth Goldenberg ran the company full time (ok way more than full time) until a few years later when her husband Larry left his position at Sunset Designs to come work full time in the business as well.

In July 2012, the Goldenberg’s retired and Ken acquired the business to carry on a legacy of excellence. The continued success of Direct Line is due to the valued team members we’ve had and currently have. Their commitment to excellence every day, every call is what makes Direct Line different. A big thank you goes out to everyone for all of the support and hard work.

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