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We offer a great service with all of our plans that you may or may not know about. Direct Line’s Call Center Web Portal is available to all clients free of charge.  You’ll have instant access to messages, adjust on-call schedules, edit contact lists including SMS text and email information.

How 24 hour live answering can help your business.Have you ever had the need to search for a message that came in weeks ago? Instead of waiting for a Customer Care team member to get into the office, you can log onto the Web Portal at anytime and search for any date, time, name or word in the message. Do you have some last minute changes to your on-call staff? Instead of calling into our dispatchers, you can log right onto our on-call management system and make those adjustments on the fly. They take effect immediately and our staff will be able to contact the correct person in real time.  This is available to you at no charge.

This month we are updating the security on the system to comply with HIPAA/HITECH standards. You will now be able to self-manage your passwords 24/7.  Even if you are not a medical client, having this added security layer is important to keeping your information safe.

For 38 years Direct Line has been open 24/7/365 and now with these client call center services we are truly open for all your needs anytime of the day or night.

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