Top 4 Reasons How Vacations Improve Your Health

how vacations improve health, telephone answering serviceDuring the economic crisis of 2008, countless people had their livelihoods negatively impacted by lost jobs and foreclosed homes. A large part of the population was forced to take positions where their skill-sets clearly out-weighed the requirements of the job. Now that the financial climate has become less volatile, a new problem has developed. People are still fearful of loosing their security and now feel that in order to protect themselves they have to work all the time and vacations are just an after thought. Taking a vacation is important to your health. In fact, here are four science-based reasons why you need to take them:

4 Scientific Reasons How Vacations Improve Health

  1. Reduction in Stress
    The American Psychological Association recently conducted a study which validates that taking vacations unquestionably reduces stress but an interesting fact that was discovered was that once vacationing employees returned to work, they had fewer stress-related issues for up to five weeks after returning.
  2. Improved Sleep
    sleepy? get an answering serviceWith so much going on, it’s hard to stop the internal dialogue that’s in our head especially when we go to bed. This often results in restless and at best disrupted sleep. If you are lacking quality sleep, memory is impaired, focus is reduced and your energy is low all of which set the stage for an increased likelihood of accidents and decreased quality of life. Reset your sleep pattern by taking a vacation and experience waking up when you’re done sleeping and not when the alarm clock tells you to.
  3. Prevention of Heart Disease
    Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S for both men and women. The results from the landmark Framington Heart Study show that lack of vacations is a predictor for heart attacks and even death. An interesting statistic shows that men who took frequent vacations were 21% less likely to die from coronary heart disease. Find out your Coronary Heart Disease Risk Score here.
  4. Decreased Depression
    Health Net reports that of 1500 women studied the ones that took a vacation once every two years were more likely to suffer from depression and weight gain more so than women who took vacations twice per year. You’ve got to approach scheduling vacations like you schedule your meetings. It’s a priority.

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