How an Answering Service Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Why Small Businesses Need an Answering Service?

small-business-answering-service-growing-startupMany small business owners including start-up companies are lean on capital and may not be able to afford a full-time receptionist. This is where a reputable answering such as Direct Line Tele Response comes in to be that 24/7 Live Virtual Receptionist for you at a fraction of the cost that it would take to hire an administrative assistant. With our award-winning live answering services, you should save money, increase your level of service to your current client base which gives you more time to invest in acquiring new clients. Keep reading to learn why your small business needs an answering service.

1. Increase your competitive edge! You’re now open 24/7/365, even when you’re not available.

You’re not in the office 24/7, but that won’t stop your customers from calling After Hours. For many people, the only time they can realistically call is after normal business hours because they have work to do themselves.

Think about it. What would it do for your business to have a knowledgeable, friendly, professionally trained Live Virtual Assistant to answer your phones 24/7/365? They never sleep, never call off and never go on vacation. Instead they are hard at work best representing your brand and being there for your callers around the clock. The #1 benefit of hiring a reputable live answering service is that it really sets the tone for a seamless client experience. Callers don’t know that they are speaking to an answering service, they’re just happy to speak with a live person instead of voicemail.  It is a fact that 82% of callers that reach voicemail hang up and over 90% of new business inquiries will call your competitor if YOU don’t answer the first time. So why limit your client’s access to you to only 40 hours a week? With our professional certified live virtual receptionists we make it possible for you to never shut your doors! You’re open for business 24/7/365 even while you’re sleeping! That’s your competitive edge.

2. Increase your level of customer service by increasing the customer experience.

Call Center Agent for Small BusinessClient service is not one dimensional. Great service is really about your caller’s phone experience and how well their needs are addressed and how responsive you are. A positive experience for your callers is our top priority because we are an extension of your company. We are the voice of your brand. Our logic based scripted solutions allows our Live Virtual Receptionists to answer questions about your business, provide information about your products and services and capture potential sales leads for you.

There’s no excuse for you not to answer your phone, especially, when you have enlisted the services of a good answering service. Give your callers the best service experience by allowing our professionally certified Call Agents to answer your calls especially when you’re not available. When you don’t answer your phone you are sending the message to your caller that you don’t have time for them. Miss a call, then you are missing an opportunity to grow your business.

3. Increase your return on investment while reducing costs.

The return on investment of hiring a Live Answering Service can be huge. How so? By ensuring you never miss a call. We will assist you in capturing leads, increasing sales and limiting missed opportunities. Get the professional live phone support you need without paying a salary and providing benefits.  Why go to this huge expense when our professionally certified Live Virtual Receptionists can answer your phones for literally cents on the dollar. Maintaining a smaller workforce can save a significant amount of money for you. You can still provide excellent service to your clients without having to pay for additional employees.

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