Are You Prepared for Emergencies?

Red-CrossWhether you need to contact the American Red Cross or you are a Property Manager responding to an afterhours emergency maintenance call, our professional Call Agents can gather information and dispatch urgent and emergency calls 24/7/365.  We have a clear understanding of the importance of accurate messaging and rapid dispatch.

Emergencies occur every day and are unpredictable, but with Direct Line on your side, you will always be prepared.  Calls of an urgent nature require quick response and when it comes to emergency answering services, there is absolutely no room for mistakes.

Where many emergency answering services fail, is in the lack of immediate and efficient delivery of messages.  Not at Direct Line! Not only do we expedite calls quickly and accurately, we are also highly experienced in differentiating emergencies from non-emergencies. This is of critical benefit to you since it spares your staff from issues that can be handled by your office during regular business hours.

Direct Line is an extension of your staff and your office is now open 24/7/365You can count on our professional and capable team members especially in an urgent situation, it’s critical that your office be accessible, organized, and efficient during a time of crisis.


Top six (6) delivery methods include:

  1. SMS messaging
  2. Secure messaging (Secure Interactive Messaging-SIM)
  3. Email notification
  4. Transfer callers directly to on-call staff
  5. Alpha/Digital paging
  6. Direct dial to cell phone, residence, office, etc.

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Emergency Answering Services

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