Answering Service Myths


1. I can’t afford an Answering Service…

The truth is you can’t afford NOT to have an answering service.  Here’s why.  By partnering with Direct Line Tele Response, your company is able to provide not only improved customer service but around the clock responsiveness when your callers and potential customers require an immediate response. 

By having a 24/7/365 answering service,you’ve just expanded your business operating hours by over 2/3 from the typical 9-5.  Think about it. With an in-house receptionist, how much are you paying in salary, vacation, health insurance and other direct labor costs?  For literally a fraction of that cost, enlist the support of Direct Line’s award winning answering service and provide better service while lowering your overhead. It’s not only good business, it’s smart business.

2. I don’t need an Answering Service…

Yes, you do need an answering service even if you are a small business owner or a corporate executive.  Enlisting the support of a Live Answering Service absolutely makes sense.  It can alleviate a tremendous amount of stress and assist you in improving efficiency while enhancing your customer experience and responsiveness. 

Here at Direct Line, we gather caller information accurately, organize it and dispatch messages in accordance with your custom scripts and directions.  Our answering services can be used for all occasions, including call overflow, after hours, tech support, reservations and order entry. If you are overwhelmed with business and missing incoming calls or would simply like to capture leads from a recent marketing campaign, Direct Line has a solution for you.

3. Answering Services don’t understand my business?

Direct Line not only understands your business, we can succinctly and articulately speak about it to your callers.  Here’s why… Every call we answer for you is managed through custom call scripts.  These scripts are programmed into our telephony system and assist our Call Agents in determining how best to serve your callers based on different scenarios.   Your custom call scripts are so detailed that your callers won’t be able to tell that they’re not speaking with someone directly in your office.

4. Language Barriers?

This is definitely a frustration for many of us.  We all have experienced a time when we needed customer service and the individual that answered the phone was hard to understand.  Here at Direct Line Tele Response, all of our Call Agents are U.S. Based and no calls are ever outsourced.

If a caller requires a translator, we can absolutely assist them with our translation services partners so as to improve your caller experience and reduce frustration and unnecessary stress.

5. Callers don’t want to talk to an answering service…

Look at your business through the eyes of your customer – if you call your business telephone number, what type of service do you receive, what do you hear, what do you NOT hear, how do you feel about your experience?  By enlisting the support of Direct Line Tele Response, your callers won’t be able to tell that they’re not speaking with someone directly in your office.  Our professionally trained Call Agents provide your callers with seamless service by using a customized scripting system specifically tailored to your needs.

Here’s a question for you…What type of service does your customer get if they are greeted with an answering machine?  It is a proven statistic that 70% of callers hang up if a call goes to voice mail.  When today’s consumers pick up the phone, they want to talk to a live human being and feel like they are getting answers to their questions and their needs met.

Most of the reasons we hear as to why an answering service isn’t the right fit for a business are simply myths – the fact is that hiring a professional answering service to manage your incoming calls and messages can be of great benefit to your company no matter how big or small.  Direct Line Tele Response can assist you in providing better service at affordable rates. Call us today at: 1-888-365-2424 or use our form to the right.

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