Tech Support Answering Services

 Answering Services For Tech Support and CRM Integration

help-desk-supprtDirect Line Tele Response has been the Call Center of choice for many Fortune 100 Information Technology firms and Software Companies nationwide. We provide Tier 1 Technical Support and Help Desk services not only to Internet Service providers but a host of other technical organizations in the IT industry.

Help desk operations are complex. Whether you require after-hours support, call overflow assistance or help desk administration, Direct Line has the experience and knowledge to be your Technical Support Partner (TSP) 24/7/365.

Messages are delivered precisely as described within your custom scripted solutions. Our sophisticated scripting system allows us to execute your expectations from the simplest to the most complex technical instructions.

Where many Tech Support Answering Service and Call Centers fail, is the lack of immediate and efficient delivery of urgent messages to an on-call staff member. Not only do we expedite calls quickly and accurately, we are also highly skilled in differentiating urgent calls from routine calls. This is of critical benefit to you since it spares your on-call staff from issues that can be handled by your office during regular business hours.

Our professional Call Agents are experienced Help Desk Administrators answering your calls and/or logging service tickets as if your clients were our own. Our services include:

  1. CRM Integration for your Ultimate Customer Solution
  2. Tier 1 Service Ticket Intake
  3. Differentiating urgent VS routine calls and dispatch accordingly
  4. Two Way Message delivery through the use of our Secure Interactive Messaging, Voicemail, SMS Text and/or Email
  5. Alert Monitoring
  6. On-Call Schedule updated in real time through the use of your free “My Direct Line” Web Portal

By outsourcing your Tier 1 Support Functions, your in-house technical staff is available to address more complex customer service concerns. Direct Line will assist your company in reducing expenses by providing equivalent service as a full-time employee but at a fraction of the cost.

Enlist our experienced Tech Support Call Agents and Help Desk Administrators here at Direct Line. Call and connect with us today and together we will develop powerful technical support solutions for all of your technical service needs: 1-888-365-2424.

We are the perfect extension of your business.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, at 888-365-2424.