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Specimen Specialists of America, Inc.

We were thrilled to have been awarded a large contract with a major Southern California government agency. It would require 24/7 coverage and the ability to coordinate real time activity in 26 different geographical areas.

We realized the only way to do this in a cost effective manner was to obtain the services of a 24/7 Answering Service / Call Center. We obtained the services of a Call Center, had everything all set up (or so we thought) and we kicked off the project on a given weekend. It was almost a total disaster. The Call Center just was not equipped to handle the volume or complexity of calls.

We needed to work fast. We quickly located another Call Center, met with them on that Tuesday, explained our needs and felt much more confident that this Call Center – Direct Line Tele Response could handle the responsibility – but we would have to wait and see. Direct Line and their IT Director, John Freire worked quickly, efficiently and professionally to get the account programmed in a timely manner. At the same time Constance Massinga, Direct Line’s Training Manager was getting the Agents trained and up to speed. By the following weekend we were ready to switch; time was really of the essence.

We switched on a Thursday and everything worked beautifully, not perfectly but, very well. Direct Line has also worked tirelessly to make corrections and adjustments and they continued to do that as the project moved along. We have been a client of Direct Line for over a year and we cannot say enough good things about Direct Line and their professional staff, sophisticated technical systems (they were able to develop some reporting capabilities that proved invaluable to us) and everyone’s “can do” attitude. I would highly recommend Direct Line to others.

Annette Filice, Vice President


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