Urgent/Emergency Dispatch

July 10, 2013

Dear Ken,
The American Red Cross Bay Area would like to express our sincere appreciation for your partnership this past weekend with the response to the Asiana Airline incident.

The Direct Line team went above and beyond service delivery expectations, answering a heightened call volume, adjusting call scripts as needed and taking nonstandard directions on where to direct call. All of this was done in a professional manner, providing callers excellent customer service.

Additionally, tracking information in the call log enabled the Red Cross to see which partners were reaching out for assistance. Having immediate access to this information helped the Red Cross form a more immediate and complete picture of events as they unfolded, aiding our service delivery to clients.

Thank you for your partnership, we are excited to be working with you and your team.


Steven Hancock
Director of Disaster Services
American Red Cross Bay Area

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