Property Management Answering Service

Answering Services for Property Managers

virtual receptionistAs a property owner or manager, you know how time-consuming it can be to get constant phone calls and questions from tenants, maintenance crew, inspectors and other stakeholders.

To run your business more effectively, consider taking advantage of property management answering services provided  by Direct Line. This service can immediately help you save time, reduce aggravation, and serve your tenants and your building more efficiently.

Here are some features:

A virtual receptionist can screen incoming calls, based on your priorities and needs. If the pipe bursts at one of your business complexes at 3:00 in the morning, and a janitor reports the problem, you want to know immediately. A leaky pipe can lead to massive water damage, mold, and other problems – not to mention insurance headaches and tenant complaints. The point is that you need a way to distinguish emergency calls from the normal calls from contractors and tenants that don’t require your immediate attention.

A phone answering service can also help you set and keep appointments and deal with complex maintenance and contractor scheduling. This way, you won’t have to keep everything in your head or rely only on a computer to keep you and your team up to speed.

Automated services can help you collect leads, so that you can close on vacancies faster and bring in new rent revenue.

Direct Line also offers support for multiple properties, multilingual support, and the ability to record and transcribe records, if you ever need them for legal or managerial purposes.

Our Answering Services are Trusted by Companies Nationwide

We’ve worked with many property managers and owners, and our organization learns quickly, so we can rapidly get to understand your preferences and needs.

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