Enhanced Voicemail: A Potential Life Saver for Your Business

In an ideal world, you’d like a Live virtual receptionist for your company – or maybe a full slate of call center services to meet your customers’ needs, while you sleep or relax on the golf course. Start making your small business a lot more professional by investing in enhanced voicemail.

What is enhanced voicemail?

virtual answering serviceEnhanced voicemail is a bit like the voicemail you currently use, but even better. Your mailbox gets its own local number, and you can collect all of your messages in a single place. You can forward multiple lines – your business phone, your cell phone, your home phone, etc – to one number. By consolidating your voicemails into one box, you reduce clerical work. Gone will be the days of juggling 20 different passwords and multiple calls to get your messages. When you extrapolate the time saved over months or years, it can be pretty significant. You can get back a full day or two of productivity per year just by making the shift to enhanced voicemail.

Direct Line’s enhanced voice mail features many exciting elements. You can customize your greeting, and receive time and date stamping for all messages. Take advantage of Caller ID to make a determination whether to listen to a person’s message or skip it. Our voicemail system can also send messages to your computer via MP3 files. This is ideal if you want to catalog and store calls from employees, vendors, or clients or stay connected in a remote area. Instead of having to call to check your messages, you can just flip through your email box. The voicemail can also be set up to notify you when incoming messages show up. It can alert you via email, text message, pager, or direct phone.

The “mailing list” feature lets you send messages to colleagues, vendors, and clients simultaneously. This system allows for 90 different lists, so you can broadcast to key groups of people (such as your inner-team, your active clients, your sales people, et cetera). You can also transfer messages to colleagues and associates – with your comments. You can forward that panicked vendor call to your VP of Marketing, for instance, and avoid long, unproductive games of phone tag. The system also allows you to prioritize and schedule messages and classify them as urgent, normal, or “for future delivery.”

Professional Live Answering Services with Enhanced Voicemail Options

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